Chris Springmeyer with his BC moutain goat

BC Mountain Goat Hunt Report by Chris Springmeyer

HUNT REPORT Hunter: Chris Springmeyer Date: Sept 9th-21st 2022 Trip Taken: British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunt Consultant: Gary Colbath, Outdoors International The trip was challenging, beautiful, exciting and pretty much everything I’d thought/hoped a mountain goat hunt would be. Hope my son can try it in a couple of years. OUTFITTER EVALUATION How would you […]

Gary Colbath with his archery polar bear

Archery Polar Bear Hunt Report by Gary Colbath

Hunter: Gary Colbath Date: March 20-April 2, 2022 Trip Taken: Archery Polar Bear Hunt I just returned from the pinnacle trip of my hunting career. My adventure in the Arctic for polar bear was an extraordinary experience. As a hunting consultant I have access to the best outfitters in the world and the outfitter I […]

Mountain lion hunting in Idaho

Idaho Mountain Lion Hunt Report by Mary Sue Moore

Hunter: Mary Sue Moore Date: December, 2021 Trip Taken: Mountain lion hunt in Idaho Consultant: Gary Colbath | Outdoors International First of all I would like to thank Outdoors International for finding the hunt of a lifetime for me. Gary is awesome, he always finds what we are looking for. He always takes time to […]

DIY Vessel-based Blacktail Deer Hunt Report by Gary Colbath

We saw several big brown bears, mountain goats, sea ducks, fox and lots of deer! We threw the crab pot out daily and enjoyed some fresh seafood. On the return trip, we stopped and caught rockfish and halibut, a real bonus to end a great hunt!