Unguided Caribou Drop Hunt Report by David Affleck

Unguided Caribou Drop Hunt Report by David Affleck

Hunter: David Affleck
Date: August 25 through September 7, 2021
Trip Taken: Unguided Caribou Drop Hunt
Consultant: Kyle Hanson | OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL

Wow was this the most epic thing I have ever done and it’s not even close.

Stranded in the Brooks range for five extra days due to weather. No caribou whatsoever for nine days. Ran out of food and propane. Tagged out on the night of the 10th, three days after our scheduled extraction. Would not have had much food without the caribou. What was left after the grizzlies. No caribou migration had occurred as far as we could tell. We named the area we were hunting the kara-bou-lass national park.

We shot two nice bulls.

We shot the only two bulls we saw in 12 days and they were likely resident guys we just had not been able to get to because we were unable to cross any rivers due to flooding for 8-9 days

Unguided Caribou Drop Hunt Report by David Affleck


  • How would you rate your trip overall? Overall, my trip was a great experience. The outfitter does absolutely the best they can do with the circumstances. Honestly I am glad I tagged out because I would never do it again. Being trapped without any possible way out is a horrible feeling. This is super super extreme x 10^6 power.
  • How were your guide(s)? NA.
  • How was your food and lodging? Fair.
  • How was your outfitters communication? Good.
  • How physically demanding was your trip? Extreme.
  • How would you rate your consultant? Kyle was great.
  • Would you book another trip with OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL in the future? Yes.
  • Can we use your stories and/or photos on our website? Yes.
  • Can we use this in social media? Yes. – @dgaffleck

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