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Bushpig hunting

Bushpig Hunts

Renowned as a paramount marauder of African crops and met with disdain from farmers, the Bushpig occupies widespread territories across Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa. Particularly abundant in regions of lower elevation that boast thick foliage, forests, meandering river vegetation, and reedbeds, they find ample cover, water sources, and sustenance, favoring crops such as maize (commonly known as corn) and sugar cane.

These optimal conditions serve as a catalyst for successful Bushpig hunts, with hunting opportunities extending to Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia. For avid pig hunters seeking a prime destination, South Africa emerges as the top contender, hosting specialized Outfitters dedicated to Bushpig hunting.

Bushpig Hunting Season

In South Africa and Zimbabwe, the pursuit of Bushpigs knows no seasonal limitations, permitting year-round hunts. Mozambique designates its hunting season from April 1st to November 30th, while Zambia's hunting window spans from the start of May until the conclusion of November. In Tanzania, hunters set their sights on Bushpigs from July 1st to December 31st. The optimal months for tracking down these creatures occur during the dry winter period when food becomes scarce, rendering them more susceptible to baiting. Conversely, it is advisable to avoid the rainy season when food is abundant and easily accessible, aided by their exceptional olfactory senses. For passionate pig hunters, South Africa emerges as the premier destination of choice.

Bushpig Hunting Methods

Given their nocturnal nature, Bushpigs rarely grace the daylight hours with their presence. However, on occasion, they become the target of opportunity when they unexpectedly burst forth from the undergrowth during a hunt. In Mozambique, skilled Outfitters employ beaters to flush out the pigs from the tall grass, offering clients the thrilling chance to shoot the animals while in full flight—an esteemed hunting technique reminiscent of wild boar hunts in Europe. For those endowed with physical stamina, exhilarating dog hunts can be arranged, while individuals of a more sedentary inclination can partake in the activity from the comfort of a concealed blind, aiming their weapons at bait piles consisting of putrefying meat or fermented corn. Bow hunters can also employ this method. The experience of hunting Bushpigs with dogs can be incredibly captivating for those who can match the animals' agility. Conversely, engaging in a battle of wits with a pig equipped with superlative senses of smell and hearing from the confines of a blind can be an immensely thrilling endeavor.

These cunning creatures demand that hunters employ their full array of skills and knowledge to entice them into the lethal range. Their shrewd nature contributes to the formidable challenge they pose. For enthusiasts captivated by Bushpig hunting, their tusks, mounted on a shield, make impressive displays. Additionally, both full-body and shoulder mounts enjoy great popularity, as each pig showcases distinct hues and facial expressions. As members of the swine family, Bushpigs demand respect, as they can exhibit heightened aggression when wounded.

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