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Experiencing the wilderness is a great way to connect more authentically with the world. We work with wide variety of wilderness adventure travel outfitters, and have hand picked some incredible once-in-a-lifetime trips that are guaranteed to give you – and your family – a fresh perspective on life.

Some trips provide incite into a different culture and breathtaking natural wonders, others entice those families seeking an adrenaline rush and wildlife viewing in remote areas of the world. No matter your goal, the best memories will be when you’re safely out of your comfort zone and experiencing things you never knew were possible with one of our wilderness adventure outfitters.

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Discover why thousands of people have trusted Outdoors International to help plan their outdoor adventure.

Outdoors International has a team of hand-selected travel and outdoor adventure experts to help you book your next experience. Our job it is to help you in researching, booking and planning a great trip with one of our amazing outfitter partners around the world.

Words truly describe my Alaska adventure, but I'll try.

This trip, was, for me at least not just a trip, for me it was a real adventure, a real experience. I love the wilderness and this trip afforded me the opportunity to connect with the Alaskan wilderness in ways very few people do. It was an experience I will never forgot in a place I can’t wait to get back to. Oliver Fischer

The outfitter handled everything perfectly.

We were thankful that OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL hooked us up with a great outfitter because they were able to find us an acceptable alternate on short notice. Overall the two year process to get this float in was seamless and worry free. Just like it should be. Thank you, Stan Masneri