Bird Hunting Preserves

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Bird Hunting Preserves

Some of us bird hunters are wild-bird snobs, and we understand, but not everyone is lucky enough to live in a place blessed with them. We'll never look down our nose at a well-run outfit with planted birds.

Bird Preserves are great places to work young dogs and hunt with older companions who can’t hike the uplands the way they used to. And they provide bird-shooting opportunities to thousands of sportsmen who otherwise cannot access wild birds.

Outdoors International

Discover why thousands of people have trusted Outdoors International to help plan their bird hunt.

Outdoors International has a team of hand-selected wingshooting experts to help you book your next bird hunt. Our job it is to help you in researching, booking and planning a great bird hunt, so you can just show up and shoot.

This outfitter is an honest hardworking outfitter and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

I have to say this was the best upland bird hunting I have ever experienced. To top it all off the rancher whose land we hunted on and his wife invited the entire group on the last morning for a home cooked feast of a breakfast at their ranch house. Finer people I have never met.

Louis Digiovanni

The dove hunting in Mexico was like a video game!

There are literally millions of White wing doves in the areas surrounding the lodge. The dove shooting starts as soon as you get out of the truck and doesn't stop till Jose says it is time to go. I really love the fact that I don't have to hassle with taking my shotgun with me. They have plenty of Benelli shotguns for you to use in both 20 and 12 gauges. They do an excellent job of scouting and know exactly where the doves are and where to put you on the field to get the most action.

Dale Roden

You'll be hooked after you go hunting in South Dakota the first time.

It may take you several more trips to get it out of your system, if you ever do. If you get the chance, have Outdoors International set you up with their SD pheasant hunting lodge. They'll leave  lasting impression on you as the hunt was over the top.  The food, the lodge and the people are top notch and the trip will not disappoint.

Michael Marbach