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Native to rugged areas of Northern Africa, the Aoudad (Ammotragus lervia), is a tough and intelligent species of Caprid (goat-antelope). Aoudad are the only species in the genus Ammotragus. However, some include this genus in the goat genus Capra, and others in the sheep genus Ovis. From a hunting standpoint, they are usually considered a sheep.

During World War II, American soldiers stationed in Chad and the Barbary Coast of Northern Africa discovered Aoudad and realized their potential as a game animal. After the war (late 40s & early 50s), these soldiers had some animals shipped to ranches in Texas. They soon found that aoudad are very hard to keep fenced in, and they escaped and have successfully reproduced in Texas.

We have some great aoudad hunts in Texas for both free range, spot-and-stalk hunts and aoudad hunts over feeders. When you’re ready to go on that aoudad hunt, let us know.