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  • An aoudad hunt is the best value in the sheep hunting world.
  • Spot and stalk at it’s best
  • Aoudad are a non-game species so there are no set season dates, however, this outfitter prefers to keep their hunts in January and February to avoid encounters with rattlesnakes.
  • 100% shot opportunity the last few years.
  • High success rates on trophy rams. 28 to 30+ inch rams are a realistic expectation.
  • Experienced, capable, friendly guides who have been guiding for years. These guys thoroughly know the land, know these animals and know firearms.
  • Over the Counter. NO DRAW REQUIRED!
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A Texas aoudad hunt is special. They offer a chance for the average hunter to go on a true mountain sheep hunt at a fraction of the cost. Patience is a virtue. You’ll be spending long periods glassing. It’s incredibly difficult to spot sheep that blend in so amazingly well with their surroundings. Guides will spend as much time as necessary locating a mature ram. Once a good ram is spotted, it requires a successful, well planned stalk to get within shooting range.

Texas aoudad hunts can be one of the most challenging/rewarding/affordable mountain hunts out there.

  • Aoudad tags are over-the-counter in Texas.
  • A Texas aoudad hunt is quite possibly the best value in the sheep hunting world.
  • Hunting season is year-round, but it’s best to hunt sometime between December and March.
  • Our hunters have high success rates on trophy rams.
  • Aoudad hunts in West Texas are almost all free range, fair chase.
  • While archery hunting is possible, and an experienced bowhunter can get within bow range, bowhunting for aoudad is tough. Experienced archery hunters; you know the deal, this is a sheep hunt; rifles are recommended but if you insist…be prepared to be patient and be very confident and proficient at 60+ yards.

If you’ve considered a Texas aoudad hunt, the time is NOW!

The cost will only continue to go up. We’d love to help, get in touch with us to start planning.

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6 reviews for Texas Aoudad Hunt

  1. Don Norwood

    I had a great aoudad hunt, and would hunt with this outfitter again.

  2. Kevin Schmitcke

    The outfitter is a hard working guy. He truly loves hunting! He will do whatever he can to get you an animal. He answered all of my questions and kept giving me information during the hunt. It was a quick hunt, but I couldn’t pass up the first ram that we saw. A big thank you for everything! I would hunt with this outfitter again for sure.

  3. Eric Felton

    We had a great time!

  4. Kyle Hanson

    I was amazed at the number of big aoudad rams we saw in just two days of hunting. I took my sheep out of a group of 150 Rams! Come to find out after hunting here they have not had a hunt go past 3 days since operating and guiding on this Ranch for the past 8 years. Not only that, they are carrying a pretty solid 30-32″ trophy average with the occasional 33″ Ram taken! We went 3/3 in two days. I took a heavy horned old ram on the first day on my longest shot to date.

  5. Mark Sij

    The outfitter and the guides were excellent! Accommodations very comfortable and refreshing at the end of the day of aoudad hunting. My Outfitter and guides were very knowledgeable, and experienced. They worked hard to help me get my trophy and I truly appreciate them and all their hard work.

  6. Christopher Dunne

    Shot an excellent aoudad. Tons of animals. Very nice staff. Would recommend for sure.

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