Travel Insurance for Hunters

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We HIGHLY recommend that you protect yourself with travel insurance. Be sure to get a policy that provides for medical evacuation and for lost/stolen baggage, weather delays, missed flights and trip cancellations. Also, we recommended you use an insurance company that caters for the special needs of hunters.

Our hunting consultants will do their very best to see that you do not have to use it, but travel insurance for hunters could literally mean the difference between life and death. Or it could save you tens of thousands of dollars, should an unforeseen accident or illness strike… a no-brainer really.


Travel Insurance for Hunters – What you need to know before you purchase your policy.

Medical Evacuation for Hunters

Hunting can be dangerous, and often takes place in remote environments. It’s nice to have the peace of mind that if something does happen to you on a hunt, you are able to be evacuated to a hospital of your choice. It is HIGHLY advised to buy additional CANCEL FOR ANY REASON trip cancellation coverage.

Travel Insurance for Hunters will Cover Cancelled Hunts

Most policies say that they include cancellation coverage, but be sure to read the small print. There are often exclusions that may include:

  • Cancellations by airlines or outfitters
  • Changes made by the insured hunter
  • Cancellation caused by a change in the hunters financial situation
  • Government regulation changes
  • Changes to the insured hunter prior to the effective insurance date
  • Failure of the guide or outfitter to provide travel plans

This list includes almost any eventualities leading to a cancellation, so we stress again: Please consider purchasing “cancel for any reason” coverage.

Get Trip Insurance!

Missed Flights and Weather Delays are a Reality of Hunting

If you’ve hunted long, you know that weather can wreak havoc on your travel schedule. If a missed flight connection causes lost hunting time, make sure your policy allows for reimbursement for this prepaid, non-refundable trip cost. Your policy could also include any additional expenses such as food or hotel rooms that could come with weather delays and missed flights.

Coverage of Baggage, Personal Items and Hunting Gear

Insuring your hunting equipment, firearms, baggage and personal belongings is very important when traveling, especially in third world situations. No matter how well planned the hunt is, baggage is lost or stolen every year. An insurance premium is a small price to pay for protecting your valuable property.

Travel Insurance for Hunters – Who we use and recommend:

The best company we’ve found that provides travel insurance for hunters is Travel Guard. With few exceptions, over the years they have saved us and our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. Cancelled hunts are a reality, protect yourself as well as possible.

NOTE: As with any good thing, there have been some issues. When our clients have problems with a claim, it is almost always because they did not purchase the “Cancel For Any Reason” policy. We HIGHLY recommend that you you use this option, but you need to be aware that you only have 10 days after your date of deposit to get that highest level of coverage. There has also been one case where a Federal Government closure in Alaska was not covered. However, with that said our overall experience with Travel Guard has been stellar.

Fill out the form below and Travel Guard will send you a free quote. Be sure to update it to include all expenses, gear, flights etc so that you are fully covered.

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Outdoors International DOES NOT provide travel insurance for hunters, but we do HIGHLY recommend it. This company has been the best we’ve found. Your quote can sometimes take a few days to put together and will come directly from Travel Guard. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see it soon.