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Ascension Bay, Mexico Permit Fishing Lodge

For Anglers Seeking a Permit-Focused Lodge and Guide Team at an incredible value!

  • Year-round fishing season.
  • Ideal for a group of friends or solo anglers, the Caribbean Super Slam is a real possibility.
  • In addition to fabulous permit fishing, you could also be casting to tarpon, bonefish, and snook.
  • Beachside, private fishing lodgecomfortable cabins, hot showers with full amenities, including wi-fi. Accommodates up to 12 anglers.
  • Amazing meals prepared with a Mayan and Caribbean influence.
  • Other activities include bird watching, snorkeling, exploring Mayan ruins, beach combing, and just plain relaxing.
  • Another bonus is that this trip is one of the best values in destination travel fly fishing.
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Ascension Bay is well known as one of the finest saltwater flats fishing destinations in the world. This amazing place offers a great opportunity to land a super-slam at almost any time of the year. Bonefish, permit, tarpon, and snook are here on a year-round basis.

This Mexico fishing lodge is a must visit destination for the avid saltwater angler wanting to fly fish for permit, or have a good chance for a Grand Slam.

One of the best fishing lodges on the Yucatan, they cater to anglers of any skill level. Whether you are new to saltwater fishing or an experienced angler, Ascension Bay offers great opportunities to stalk solid numbers of bonefish in skinny water, head into the backcountry mangrove lagoons for baby tarpon and snook, or hunt for the elusive permit on the flats and the deeper waters that surround them.

The low cost world class permit fishing is the main reasons you would plan a trip at this fly fishing lodge in Ascension Bay.

The second reason would be the chance at your Caribbean Super Slam (tarpon, bonefish, snook and permit in one day of fishing). There aren’t many places where that can be accomplished.

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This fly fishing lodge offers easy access to the vast flats of Ascension Bay as well as the inland lagoons and river system located on the mainland.

This fly fishing lodge offers easy access to the vast flats and inland lagoons of Ascension Bay.

Whether you are new to saltwater fishing or an experienced angler, Ascension Bay offers strong fishing scenarios for every level. You choose how you want to fish. Stalk bonefish in skinny water, search the backcountry mangrove lagoons for baby tarpon and snook. Most anglers however are there to hunt permit on the flats and the deeper waters that surround the flats.

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Ascension Bay, Mexico

The Fishing

Any given day the flats and lagoons surrounding the small fishing village of Punta Allen could hold a SUPER grand slam (bonefish, permit, tarpon & snook). Even though this feat can be difficult to accomplish, Ascension Bay is one of the best places in the world to achieve it.

When to Go

October and November can often be fantastic in Ascension Bay, due to the typical wind direction pushing more water into the Bay. This allows for larger permit to access the shallows and the inland lagoons.

December, January, and February are the drier months so typically more sun and high moving clouds. High pressure systems usually bring wind as well. This is the best time to target trophy snook. While you most likely will not see the large schools of permit that Ascension Bay is famous for during the winter months, this is an optimal time to target big tailing permit.

March, April, May, and June are peak season for fishing the area, which means that you will want to book well in advance! It is generally accepted that this time of the year the weather is most conducive to fly fishing, with a lot of sun and manageable winds.

We love June, July, and August in the Yucatan. The mornings are usually dead calm, and permit tails and pushes can be seen from great distances. Migratory tarpon are moving through the area, and the bonefish are happy. Long days allow for the best visibility of the season.

The Fishing Lodge

Situated on a beautiful beach, your room is only steps from the boats. The lodge features a beautiful open floor plan with exposed exotic hardwoods and an intimate feel. Each of the four cabanas, two on each side of the main lodge sleep two, are well appointed and air conditioned.

All meals are prepared by local chefs with a unique flare for preparing dishes that exceed expectations. The dinners are a flavorful mix of authentic Mayan, Caribbean, and American cuisine. Breakfast can include fresh fruit, eggs, meats, and pancakes, and Huevos Rancheros the specialty of the house. Your lunch cooler is typically packed with sandwiches, fruit, snacks and cold beverages. All meals can be customized to meet your specific dietary needs and requests.

The Guides

Their specialty is permit fishing as the lodge hires some of the best guides in Mexico who have a deep passion for guiding their clients onto these demanding fish. The lagoons and river system located inland from Ascension Bay provide blue ribbon snook and baby tarpon fishing while casting to bonefish is always possible in the skinny flats. La Pescadora utilizes 23 foot super pangas with two guides for every boat. Having a primary guide and an assistant guide allows fishermen to sight fish from a distance, jump out of the boat and stalk fish on foot which helps minimize the casting distance and can often lead to numerous opportunities at the same fish.

Getting There

Most major cities have direct flights to Cancun and the 3-hour shuttle to the lodge makes it easy to get there in one day and home in one day, thus maximizing your fishing time and minimizing your travel expense.


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2 reviews for Ascension Bay, Mexico Permit Fishing Lodge

  1. Cory Glauner

    If you’re looking for a classic flyf ishing trip where you can catch a number of species and get away from winter back home…. and that won’t break the bank, this is it.

  2. Kent Goodman

    Over the years, I have seen many changes to the fishery at Ascension Bay. One thing that has stayed consistent is the proficiency of the guides and the quality of the fishing. Weather dependent, this is the best location to see all 4 species of the super grand slam in one day and to land it. I have accomplished many grand and super slams with Jose as my guide and absolutely love fishing with he and his guides.

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