A trophy aoudad will usually have horns measuring 30 inches from base to tip. A ram of this quality could be compared to a whitetail scoring 150″ B&C. Rams can however have horns stretching to 35+ inches.

Instructions for Scoring Aoudad Sheep

SCI score sheet for horns of wild sheep, bharal, aoudad and tur.
SCI score sheet for horns of wild sheep, bharal, aoudad and tur.
  • All measurements must be made with a flexible 1/4 inch steel tape or cable to the nearest on-eighth (1/8) of an inch. To simplify, please enter fractional figures in eighths.
  • DO NOT use cable to measure circumferences, lengths only.
  • Official measurements cannot be taken for at least SIXTY (60) days after the animal was killed. The trophy must first have been stored under normal room temperature and humidity for at least 60 consecutive days. No trophy will be considered which has in any way been altered from its natural state.
  • Please submit photographs. All entries must include photographs of the trophy. Photos of the right side, left side and front views are required. A photo at kill site if possible.
  • Supplementary data measurements indicate conformation of the trophy. The figures in line A and B are not to be included in the score. Evaluation of conformation is a matter of personal preference.

L. Length of Horns

Measured from lowest point in front over outer curve to a point in line with tip.

Don’t forget the Three Inch Rule!Aoudad Scoring - Three Inch Rule

Where the two horns almost come together at the top of the head is where you start. From the bottom edge of horn at that point (ridge of head), measure up three inches along top ridge of horn and make a mark. Then, with the skull facing you, start at the horn where it sorta dips down on the animal’s brow. Measure from that point, up to the three inch mark, then along the top ridge of the horn all the way down to the tip. That is your length.

B. Circumference at Base

Measured at right angles to the axis of the horn. DO NOT follow the irregular edge of the horn. Tape must be completely on horn material.

C-2-3. Mass

Divide measurement of C of LONGER horn by four; mark BOTH horns at these quarters even though the other horn is shorter, and measure circumferences at these marks.

Do this for each horn, add it all up, and that is your score. No deductions. Good luck.

Find an Official Safari Club International (SCI) Measurer


  • 115″ (standard)
  • 103″ (bow)


  • 131 7/8″ (standard)
  • 116 3/8″ (bow)


  • 141 1/8″ (standard)
  • 130 6/8″ (bow)

If you’re considering an aoudad hunt, listen to this podcast, and check out our suggested gear list.

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