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We think this is the best remote hunt available ANYWHERE for the DIY hunter! An Alaska caribou drop hunt is a true remote Arctic adventure for experienced hunters looking for a DIY hunting experience.

  • Remote, fly-in, DIY caribou hunting at an affordable price!
  • The key to a successful unguided caribou hunting is to be dropped in front of the bulk of the moving herd. The transporter will do their best to accommodate this.
  • Since this is a fly-in DIY caribou hunt, you can either provide all of the gear and food (most hunters ship it up ahead of time), or the outfitter will rent you the equipment you need and sell you the food you will take.Physical condition is the key, so be in good shape.
  • Fully guided caribou hunts are also available, and should be seriously considered if you aren’t in shape or an experienced hunter.
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The vast and open tundra, virtually untouched by man adds to this Alaska caribou drop hunt a true wilderness adventure. In addition to caribou, hunters regularly see grizzly bear, wolves, wolverine, and muskox. We HIGHLY suggest that you purchase the appropriate tags that are available over-the-counter.

Our Alaska unguided caribou hunts have no hidden costs. The price of the hunt includes airport pickup/delivery, all food, tents, cots, camping equipment (if you choose to go with the outfitted camp package), transport of meat, capes and antlers back to the hangar. The transporter’s logistical support and coordination assures your unguided hunting trip will go as planned from start to finish.

We’ve sent hundreds of people on this Alaska caribou drop hunt!

It’s the best deal out there for hunters who want a DIY remote adventure.

  • Hunting season is late August through September.
  • Drop camps are placed along the caribou migration route.
  • Our hunters often see hundreds of caribou on their drop hunt.
  • You’ll be hunting the Western Arctic Herd in Northwest Alaska, the largest herd of Barren Ground Caribou.
  • Trophy class bulls are fairly common, so we suggest holding out for a good one.
  • Add a wolf and/or wolverine for no additional fee.
  • Bring a shotgun for ptarmigan.
  • Fishing is also available.

Our Alaska caribou drop hunt is in high demand, and spots are extremely limited. Contact us quickly to secure a spot.

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Alaska caribou Drop camp

Bring your own gear or rent camping gear and food from the transporter.

Above the Arctic Circle is no place to skimp on gear! In addition to knowing what hunters will need while in the field, it makes it less expensive to travel on commercial flights. In 35+ years of providing service to their hunters, along with their own Alaska experiences, this outfitter has put together a gear list that provides hunters with not only comfort, but the NECESSITIES of being out in what can be a very harsh and unforgiving environment.

Options for Meat Care

The village does not allow the transporter to store meat at their facility. Nor does Kotzebue have meat processing facilities to accommodate hunters. However, the Hotel in Kotzebue has a 120 degree walk-in freezer. Our hunters often choose to freeze their meat there prior to departure back home.

Shipping Your Caribou Meat Back Home

You can purchase your meat boxes directly from the outfitter. Boxes can be checked as luggage.

Donating Meat to the Community

You can donate the meat from your Alaska caribou drop hunt to a family in the village. If you wish to use this option, you must complete a transfer of possession form. The transporter will assist you in this process.

33 reviews for Alaska Caribou Drop Hunt

  1. Milo Brown

    Very awesome hunt. Russ from Outdoors International was a huge help on this caribou hunt in Alaska.

  2. Anonymous

    Although I was unsuccessful on my Alaska caribou hunt, I was pleased with my hunt. Lots of fun. We just missed the migration. I’ll be back!

  3. Mike Brown

    Our Alaska caribou hunt was amazing! Missing the migration was our biggest fear, but there was no reason to worry.

  4. Brad Rasmussen

    Jim shot a great bull I missed my only opportunity but learned a lot and can’t wait to go back.

  5. Eric Larson

    Thank you Russ Meyer, and Outdoors International for setting up a great trip that made a lifetime of memories!

  6. Peter Tippen

    We were in a great place, lots of bears, great fishing and it was a wonderful experience.

  7. Peter Tippen

    We did not see many caribou in Alaska but my son shot a good bull.
    We were in a great place, lots of bears, great fishing and it was a wonderful experience. We were very happy, well taken care of. The outfitter was timely, friendly, treated us like family and friends and had great gear. Very thorough and professional. We will go back and hunt with them again. It was a great Alaska adventure.

  8. Dave Thomas

    We experienced so many crazy situations that would’ve broke anybody down but with hard work, dedication and support all three of us came out successful!
    Hind sight of it all I wouldn’t change a thing

  9. Nicki Perrin

    We were plagued by bears in camp almost every night-but were able to scare them off.

  10. Brandon Espinosa

    The Alaska caribou hunting trip was amazing!! The whole process was very smooth!

  11. Kyle Roberts

    Thanks to Russ Meyer from Outdoors International. He is a top notch Hunt Consultant who set us up with an amazing caribou hunt.

  12. Bruce Kuck

    I would recommend this Alaska caribou hunting transporter to anyone.

  13. Rusty Smith

    It was an amazing experience, that I will for sure do again!

  14. Nicholas Hock

    The Alaska caribou hunting transporter went above and beyond, great experience!!

  15. Robert Dura

    Very good outfitter with a lot of experience.

  16. Derek Hock

    The caribou hunt was everything that I expected. The outfitter and staff definitely helped to make this an experience of a lifetime.

  17. Robyn Keeney

    Overall, we loved the experience of hunting in the arctic circle, but there were a few things that could have been improved. We understand weather is unpredictable, and we were warned about that ahead of time, but a little more info about the decision-making process, and who might go into the field when, would have helped us understand and plan our time better.

  18. Jim Rose

    Thanks to Outdoors International for setting us up with this Outfitter!

  19. Bryan Osler

    Overall the hunt was amazing, and we would do it again in a heartbeat with the same outfitter.

  20. Todd Strayer

    Overall it was an awesome experience and we are already planning our return trip! Oh, and did I mention the fishing was great? We caught lots of grayling and lake trout to top it all off.

  21. Travis Leeper

    Excellent caribou hunt from start to finish. Life long friends and memories will forever be remembered!

  22. Dylan Golightly

    Unbelievable caribou hunting trip. I highly recommend Outdoors International for any help on hunts.

  23. Charles Umemoto

    Long story short, KYLE is THE MAN and the outfitter he booked me with is AMAZING!!!

  24. Jack Burton

    This was an excellent caribou hunt.

  25. Orville Petersen

    Thanks Outdoors International for booking us with these guys!

  26. Jesse Coit

    Had a awesome experience on my Alaska caribou hunt that I’ll never forget!

  27. Kyle Hanson

    Two for two, tags locked and another adventure in the books.

  28. Jon Lachowitzer

    The overall experience was great. Thanks for the great hunt

  29. Nathaniel Jeffs

    We had an amazing caribou hunt. It turned out far better than I expected it to and I can hardly wait to do it again.

  30. Jacob Snowhite

    It is an amazing opportunity to hunt an animal in such a pristine part of the world. We had no bad moments, but plenty of challenges.

  31. Ryan Grunkemeyer

    Dream hunt of a lifetime in the books here!

  32. Kyle Hanson

    This trip for us was a roller coaster. However if I could sum it up best, It truly was Memorable!
    PS- The fishing was amazing.

  33. David Affleck

    Wow was this the most epic thing I have ever done and it’s not even close.

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