This is an exceptional, trophy mountain caribou hunt in British Columbia with a Premier Outfitter.

  • Guided 1:1 to increase your opportunity for success, but you can choose to save some money and go 2:1.
  • Hunt takes place in late September during the rut.
  • Trophy quality is VERY GOOD with high success rates.
  • This is a horseback hunt, but if you’re in shape you can choose to go backpack style.
  • You can add a moose or a mountain goat to this Mountain caribou hunt.
  • You will fly into the backcountry and stay in either a remote cabin or tents.
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We believe that this outfitter offers  the best Mountain caribou hunt in British Columbia, and can be single-species hunts, or a combo with moose or mountain goat. September is prime season for a Mountain caribou hunt. This is when they come into the hunting area from miles around to rut.

In September the Mountain caribou bulls start streaming into this area from miles around to rut.

Trophy quality is incredible, with bulls averaging between 350-380 honest Boone and Crockett points.  with a couple bulls close to or exceeding 400 mark each year! Most bulls have beautiful white manes, with white markings often running all the way back to their hip. This is a trophy Mountain caribou hunt for bulls with at least six top points, or five on top with a rear point (legal requirement). Bulls as good as that only comes with 5+ years of age, which speaks to the low hunting pressure in the area.

*If you are looking for a unique hunt for a trophy Mountain caribou bull, we also offer our “SPECIAL LATE HUNT” this is for the fit backpack hunter who will “Do What It Takes” to bring home once-in-a-lifetime Animal. Please inquire early as we only take a few hunters per year on this amazing trip.

Our outfitter puts a great deal of time and thought in choosing the camp for your Mountain caribou hunt.

It all depends on what you are hunting and the seasonal distribution of those animals. We want ALL of our hunters to do well and have the hunt of a lifetime. So, depending on the hunt you may stay in cabins or wall tents, or on some early hunts quality mountain tents may be used as well.

You might hunt directly from the camp you fly into, or you and your guide might choose to “spike out” to increase the potential for success.

We HIGHLY suggest that you combo your British Columbia Mountain caribou hunt with a moose!

  • These are some of the best trophy combo hunts in the world.
  • For those unfamiliar with the British Columbia hunting system, there is no draw. Tags are guaranteed.
  • These Northern BC moose are without a doubt some of the world’s largest Western Canadian moose. This is because the hunting area is right next to the Yukon border. In fact, our hunters are taking moose that average well over 53 inches, with several record book, 60+ bulls taken yearly.
  • The success rate for these combo hunts is very high, with most of our hunters being successful on both animals.
  • If you tag out early, there’s some great fishing and game bird hunting at many of the camps.
  • Also, if you see a wolf, you can harvest one at no charge, just make sure you have the appropriate licenses.

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Here at Outdoors International, we pride ourselves on having a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants. They are passionate about ensuring your hunting experience surpasses all expectations. We understand the importance of meticulous planning and seamless logistics for a successful hunt.

Book your mountain caribou hunt with us today and get ready to experience the untamed beauty of British Columbia. The Outdoors International team is here to make your adventure safe, memorable, and absolutely exhilarating.


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