Outdoors International has the best fishing spots in British Columbia

Best Fishing in British Columbia

The fishing in British Columbia is unmatched if you know where to go. Anglers travel from around the world to fish for salmon, halibut, sturgeon, and steelhead. It offers first class fishing with a ton of value. So, if you’re looking for the best fishing spots in British Columbia, we have ’em!

Best Fishing in British Columbia

Great fishing in Haida Gwaii
Haida Gwaii is famous for it’s offshore halibut and salmon fishing.

Offshore Fishing at Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii is a remote archipelago just south of Alaska, known for having some of the best salmon fishing in British Columbia, if not the world.

We work with 5-star Haida Gwaii fishing guide that offers a 3-star price, where you will truly experience the best Pacific saltwater combo fishing in Canada.

While on your trip you can catch king salmon, silver salmon, halibut, cod, yellow eye, and many different rockfish. The boats accommodate three or four per boat plus your guide.

Usually you will head out in the morning and troll for kings or silvers and once you limit out head out to jig for halibut and other bottom fish. If this trip sounds good to you, contact us today.

Skeena River Steelhead Fishing

A giant steelhead
A giant Skeena River steelhead.

The Skeena River draws its name from the Gitxsan word “Ksan” (or K’Shian – later anglicized to ‘The Skeena’) which means “river of the mists”. The prefix ‘Git’ which means “people of” combined with the word ‘Ksan’ renders Gitksan (or Gitxsan), literally “the people of the river of mists”. Similarly, the name of the village of Gitanmaax literally means “people who fish by firelight”.

The Skeena River has excellent fishing for salmon in the summer, and great steelhead from spring to fall. Even average size fish in the Skeena region are considered trophies when compared to catches taken elsewhere.

Steelhead weigh more that twenty pound and chinook over fifty pounders are not uncommon. Local biologists have also netted several world-record size chum salmon as well as chinook in excess of one hundred pounds. If you’re looking for the best steelhead fishing spots in British Columbia, if not the world, the Skeena River is a contender for the top spot. Contact us today to book your spot.

The Campbell River

Salmon fishing on the Campbell River is good from May to November. Steelhead and cutthroat trout fishing is good during the winter.

Quesnel Lake

Located in eastern BC, Quesnel Lake is one of the world’s deepest fjord lakes. May is probably the best month, but you can enjoy good Rainbow trout and bull trout fishing year round.

Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing

The largest white sturgeon ever recorded was caught on the Frasier River.
The largest white sturgeon ever recorded was caught on the Frasier River.

20 to 50 million salmon run through the Fraser River every year, along with good numbers of trout and steelhead.

This river is also known as the world’s best sturgeon fishery.

Williston Lake

The largest lake in British Columbia, Williston Lake holds Rainbow trout, Kokanee, lake trout, sockeye salmon and Northern pike.

Bulkley River

A major tributary of the Skeena River, the Bulkley has one of the world’s largest steelhead runs.

Dean River

Imagine yourself sight fishing for fresh, lice covered steelhead on the Dean River, considered by many anglers as one of the world’s best managed fisheries.

With two late spring runs, along with rainbow trout and salmon, the Dean is a popular steelhead fishing destination. It’s not for everybody, but if you’re an experienced steelhead angler and want some time on your own from time to time, it’s probably just what the doctor ordered.

We’d love to help you set up this amazing fishing trip in British Columbia. The Dean River is known in the world of steelhead fishing for having the hottest, strongest fish around…. they’re fresh from the ocean and they CRUSH flies!


Victoria has some of the best fishing in British Columbia for salmon, halibut, rockfish, lingcod and snapper.

Elk River

Known as “Trout Town”, the Elk River is a world-class dry fly fishing destination. July through October offers excellent fishing for cutthroat and bull trout.


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