The Best Places to Go Salmon Fishing

You’ll fish until evening, enjoy a memorable dinner with your friends, and then return to the river and fish as late as you’d like.

This is a highly debated topic, but there are a few hotspots that stand out. We’ve all heard of the incredible fishing in Alaska and Canada, but besides those two obvious choices, here are the best places to go salmon fishing.

Salmon Fishing Hotspots

  • Russia has some amazing fishing and very little pressure.
  • Iceland is a great place to sight fishing in gin clear water and hundreds of rivers to choose from.
  • Every year, a huge run of approximately 600,000 Atlantic Salmon travel the fjords and rivers of Norway.
  • Salmon are in the rivers of Scotland almost year round, with the peak of the season falling in the middle of January.
  • The East Coast of the United States has some incredible fishing. One great spot is the Merrymeeting River in New Hampshire, which has a great run of Atlantic Salmon that peaks in May.
  • New Zealand has good fishing on the South Island, although their chinook don’t grow as large as they do in North America.
  • Sweden is another little known salmon fishing hotspot in Europe, and we can help you find the best salmon fishing guides there as well.
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