• Big numbers of big Rainbow Trout
  • New Cabins and Dining Room
  • On site HOT SPRINGS
  • On site pilot and mechanic 100% of the time
  • 30 plus rivers to choose from
  • 2/1 guide ratio
  • True untouched Spring creeks
  • On site fishing if there are weather delays
  • 4 or 8 anglers maximum
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This remote, Kamchatka Flyout Fishing Lodge is strategically located for easy access to dozens of untouched trophy trout streams. While the rivers in Alaska are flooded with fisherman, these rivers in Kamchatka are flooded with fish and just waiting to be explored. Forget jumping into a plane at the crack of dawn to arrive second, third or fourth in line.

The Heli-Fishing Program this Kamchatka Flyout Fishing Lodge offers is incredible!

For the best fishing, access is the key. And there is no better way than flying to the river by helicopter. Each night you and the guides will pour over the map of northern Kamchatka discussing the possibilities and your ambitions for the following day.

The pilots have an average of 25 years of experience flying on Kamchatka; safety is the number one concern.

Each day both pilots and the on-sight engineer ensure that the helicopter is running perfectly. The twin engine MI-2 stays with your group the entire time and is designed to carry as many as eight passengers plus the pilot.

They simply have ‘varying degrees of great’ from which to choose.

Trout fishing in Kamchatka
This is the pinnacle of Kamchatka trophy trout fishing.

Soon to be famous rivers such as the Nelson, Starichok, Shishey and Levaya are only a short flight away. These rivers are completely untouched and unfished. This trip is the ultimate in exclusive with only four anglers per week maximum.

Each day is catered around your ability to wade the streams.

You may choose to walk three miles or just 400 yards of river; our helicopter can pick you up just about any place you stop.

  • Would you like to fish a river with lots of braids and back channels? No problem!
  • Want a little river with abnormally large fish? It is yours!
  • Perhaps begin the morning catching 5-10 pound Dolly Varden every cast, and finish the day casting dries to big Rainbow trout? Let’s do it!
  • Contact us to secure your spot.

The Rainbow trout of Kamchatka are naive and hungry.

This is the pinnacle of Kamchatka trophy trout fishing. Most of these fish will die of old age without ever having seen a fly or fisherman. The Rainbows will charge aggressively after flies of all varieties. Have you always wanted to try mousing? Here’s your chance.

Kamchatka Flyout Fishing Lodge

Kamchatka Flyout Fishing Lodge

The lodge is located in one of the most beautiful valleys in all of Kamchatka. It’s a wonderful facility that includes private cabins, natural hot springs, bear viewing platforms and a lake full of salmon and char.

This place was recently featured in National Geographic Magazine as one of the most important Sockeye salmon and brown bear areas on Kamchatka. Flights into the nearby mountain valleys provide breathtaking panoramic displays: Tamarack and Birch forests, waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, glimpses of glaciers and tarns, and Salmon-rich, gin clear streams.

Double rainbow

Ready to book a trip at this Kamchatka Flyout Fishing Lodge?

Our customers describe this as the ultimate Kamchatka fly-fishing experience. Come see for yourself the secret places Kamchatka has to offer.

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Kamchatka Penninsula

The Fishing

Kamchatka has extraordinarily huge hatches of various Stoneflies, Mayflies, and Caddis, plus spring and fall Betis, Green Drakes and Pale Morning Duns. Add to that millions of salmon, and you have the recipe for monster Rainbows and lots of them. However, depending on when you go, there are lots of Kings, Silvers, Chums, Grayling and Dolly Varden.

The average Rainbow is 4 pounds, with some weighing more than 6. Fish over 30 inches are caught yearly. The trout on Kamchatka are aggressive.

The Guides

This is the only outfitter who works exclusively on Kamchatka. They have a singular focus, which makes them our obvious choice. Their guides, staff, lodging, cuisine, equipment is outstanding. Their logistics are dialed in, and they pay attention to the details. We are looking forward to introducing you to them.

When to Go

July – This is when you go for King salmon and out-of-this-world mousing for big ‘bows. A 100 fish day on mouse patterns is not unheard of. Also, July is the month of the big Caddis hatches, so you have to choose between mousing and throwing dries…. what a conundrum! The Dolly Varden move up into the rivers in July as well, and you will catch A LOT of them.

August – There are more than a dozen watersheds on the peninsula with big runs of salmon in all of them during this time of year. The rivers are stuffed with different species of fish. Silvers will be coming up the rivers by the second week, and by now the Kings and Chums will be spawning. So, you will target the spawning beds or big trout. They will destroy a mouse or streamer, and there is no need to throw beads.

Food and Lodging

You can rest assured that it will be comfortable. The amenities consist of spacious and comfortable small cabins. They are heated, have electricity, running water, flushing toilets, a drying room, and hot showers. There is also a central dining room.

You can expect hot coffee whenever you want it, or Russian “chai” tea. The menu is American with a touch of Russian. Breakfasts are bacon and eggs, oatmeal or cereal, lunch is usually fresh fish cooked along the bank, and a wide variety of hearty dinners.


You will fly Yakutia Airlines from Anchorage to Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka. From there, you will meet a concierge who will escort you to a private bus out of the Petropavlovsk valley. They used to fly out of Petropavlovsk but came to understand that the buses are a better option.

You will take a three hour bus ride, on paved roads, to Milkova where you will board the helicopter to camp. You’ll be landing huge Rainbows that afternoon.

Weather days are always possible, but extremely rare.


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