Ty Cameron with his New Zealand archery red stag

Outdoors International Podcast: A Wild Time Bowhunting in New Zealand with Ty Cameron

Ty Cameron joins Cory to share the story of his hunt in New Zealand to help us vet a potential new outfitter. He went hunting with his dad and friend Rich, and they had a wild time. All three were successful on red stags, tahr, chamois, fallow deer and Arapaima rams. They all said that […]

The pinnacle of New Zealand Big Game is the regal red deer.

What can you hunt in New Zealand? A list of big game animals available in NZ.

What can you hunt in New Zealand?… Well, let’s break it down. New Zealand Big Game Animals Starting in the mid-19th century, European settlers introduced their most beloved big game animals to New Zealand. With ideal natural habitats and a lack of natural predators, the red stag and other New Zealand big game populations thrived […]

We get asked all the time "how much does it cost to hunt in New Zealand?"

How much is a Red Stag Hunt in New Zealand?

We get asked almost every week “how much is a red stag hunt in New Zealand?” …well, it depends on what you’re after. Many hunters are looking for a big 350 SCI scoring stag trophy, high-end lodging, meals, alcoholic beverages, and transportation to/from the airport, which you can expect to cost between $6,000-$10,000 USD for […]

New Zealand Trophy Hunting

New Zealand Stag Hunt Report by Martin Kutschera

HUNTER: Martin Kutschera HUNT: Red Stag Hunting in New Zealand CONSULTANT: Blake Taylor, Outdoors International August 16-19, 2022 New Zealand Stag Hunt Report by Martin Kutschera It was a great hunting trip in New Zealand. Perfectly organized, very good lodging, professional hunters, nice and friendly people. Absolutely top end New Zealand stag hunt. Hunt Report […]

Moose hunting in Alaska

Our 10 Most Popular Hunting Destinations

Every year hunters from all over the world are drawn to our top 10 most popular hunting destinations.

Hunter packing out a tahr during the winter New Zealand hunting season.

New Zealand Tahr Hunt Report by Blair Lasenby

I thoroughly enjoyed your company, cooking and conversation (not in any particular order), and would jump at the chance to hit the hills with you again. It was an experience I’ll not forget.

Best Red Stag Hunt in the World

Where is the Best Red Stag Hunt in the World?

As someone who have devoted himself to specializing in providing Red Stag hunting advice, I have a ton of options…but which one is right for you?