• This is true free range stag hunting. These stags are born and bred in the wild.
  • This outfitter is fully focused on free range and wilderness hunts only.
  • You will be hunting on the South Island.
  • There is no “formal” hunting season in New Zealand, however most hunting takes place in March through June/July generally.
  • Prime ‘Roar’/Rut takes place between late March through to mid April.
  • Trophy quality ranges from 8-16 points (4×4 to 8×8). Stags average mid-high 200″ class.
  • High Success rate with a 100% opportunity on rifle hunts.
  • Can easily be combined with Tahr and Fallow deer.
  • A good to moderate level of fitness is helpful on this hunt.
  • All of the hunting areas have good 4×4 road access, and hunting is spot and stalk style.
  • You CAN take meat home with you from New Zealand, BUT it is your responsibility to organize this.
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Our free range red stag hunting in New Zealand take place on private, low fence properties throughout the South Island. These properties range in size from 10,000 to 60,000 acres, and are generally in open hill country, with some more mountainous areas. The main hunting area is 20,000 acres and around four hours drive from Christchurch city. This property also has good numbers of tahr and some fallow deer. These species can easily be added onto your stag hunt.

This is one of the very few New Zealand outfitters who hunts free range only.

He’s also one of the few who offers real backcountry wilderness hunts in New Zealand. They also have access to multiple private land properties which gives us a lot of options when helping you book your hunt. We’d love to help you get on this hunt. It’s a good one!

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These stags are proper free range wild deer.

This is not a high fence hunt, nor are these released deer.

Russ stalking a stag
Russ Meyer stalking a stag.

You will leave the camp every day in the vehicle and locate and stalk stags on foot. Hunts are generally 5 days, but can be extended for those wishing to hunt multiple specie, combo hunts.

Best dates are from 20th March through to Around 20th April. The peak of the rut is normally the first two weeks of April.

There are a number of small cabins and huts that you will probably be hunting from.

Most have power, showers and bunk beds for our hunters. Some are more basic. Sometimes, depending on the hunt or the hunter, you might be spiking out in tents. Please let us know if you any special accommodation requirements.

For pricing or more information about free range stag hunting New Zealand, contact us.

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