Episode #16 – Russ Meyer on New Zealand with a Bow

Russ stalking a stag

In this podcast you will hear Russ Meyer, co-owner of Outdoors International, talk about his recent trip to New Zealand. He archery hunted for free range red Stag and took a monster! He also goes into detail about the other fun game to hunt besides the red stags, like fallow deer and wallabies.  Listen in as you will hear that he did have his struggles on that hunt in shooting and attitude but fought through and had a blast.

“God has blessed me so many times with amazing experiences and success while bowhunting, and this stag was no exception. To be honest, I often ask him ‘why?’….He has a plan for all of us, we just have to open our hearts and listen. Be true to yourself, and always give him the glory.” – RUSS MEYER


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