Alaska Brown Bear with a Recurve

Russ Meyer's recurve.

Russ Meyer just returned from Alaska with his client, Jared Griffith. They were there to vet a new outfitter and to hunt brown bears over bait. Russ chose to hunt with his recurve. They saw a ton of bears both black bears and brownies. [read the hunt report]

This baited bear hunt has an incredible success rate.

With near 100% for this Alaska combo bear hunt you can get the best of both worlds with Alaska black bears in all different color phases, and brown bears with chocolate to almost a white colored fur. The schedule is also what sets this hunt aside. Wake up late as you will be hunting almost until midnight most nights. After you wake up enjoy some Sockeye salmon fishing before you hit the stands for the rest of the day.

This is an archery hunters dream to go on this hunt. I shot 3 Bears in one night. One Brown and two Black Bears. I then shot a third Black Bear on the last night.
“This hunt is an archery hunters dream. I shot THREE bears in one night. One brown bear and two blacks, then a third black bear on the last night. That was amazing to me! What hunt can you get four bears in 10 days?!” – Jared Griffith

This is an amazing hunt.

The outfitter says that this has been one of there most reliable experiences over the last five years. All hunters that went for brown bear and black bear had shots! All hunters that wanted to harvest a black bear had the opportunity to harvest last year. Among those bears were several beautiful color-phase bears. This outfitter had about 30 baits and about 200 black bears and 80 brown bears that were visiting these baits.


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