Where do the Largest Brown Bears Come From?

We didn’t believe it at first because everyone knows the biggest bears come from Kodiak Island…right? Wrong!

Where do the Largest Brown Bears Come From?

It may come as a surprise that the Alaskan Peninsula produces the largest brown bears in the world.

Most people are under that misconception, but the truth is this; Thousands of years ago the Alaskan Peninsula and Kodiak Island were connected by one large sheet of ice. The “Kodiak” brown bears actually traveled from the Alaskan Peninsula to Kodiak Island. Eventually the sheet of ice melted leaving the bears on the island stranded. Now brown bears and grizzly bears are the same species, they are defined as one or the other by an invisible line in the sand. The brown bears on the Alaskan Peninsula and Kodiak Island are bigger because they both feed primarily on salmon which is a high protein diet, while grizzlies feed mainly on rodents and small game.

A giant 10' 10" brown bear taken with an Outdoors International client on the Alaska Peninsula
In 2016 an Outdoors International hunter took this bear that squared 11′ 2″ with a 30.6″ skull.

Here are some stats:

Based on those stats, it seems clear to us that hunting your brown bear on the Peninsula is the way to go!

Not only are most of the big bears coming from that area in recent years, but the price is substantially less than hunts on Kodiak Island (where you also have to draw a tag).

Our Brown Bear Hunts on the Alaskan Peninsula

In the last ten years, we haven’t taken a bear that squared under 9 ft on this hunt.

Every year we end up with two or three that are around 10 ft and on that is either pushing or over 11 ft. Our largest bear squared 11’3” and the next year 11’2″. The craziest thing about this hunt is the price… save thousands over a hunt on Kodiak!

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