New World Record Brown Bear

New World Record brown bear
“Getting to spend two weeks with my friends in the bush of Alaska was the greatest adventure of my life, harvesting a new World Record brown bear was a bonus.” – CHRIS CAMMACK

On May, 2018 on the Alaska Peninsula, Chris Cammack, broke Jack Brittingham’s record for the world record brown bear taken with a bow. After a lengthy stalk on a brushy mountain side in the wind and rain Chris was blessed to arrow this amazing brown bear at just 14 yards.

The New World Record Brown Bear

On September 24th after the appropriate dying time & the skull being Panel scored by official Pope & Young measures, Chris Cammack has the NEW #1 Archery Brown Bear in the World 29 4/16” Skull. Beating the previous Pope and Young record Alaskan brown bear taken in 2004 by just 1/16 of an inch. Congratulations Chris!

It is still so surreal to me, the thought that I would have ever had the opportunity to hunt an Alaskan brown bear with my bow, let alone (be) honored enough to harvest the new P&Y World Record,” said Cammack in a Pope and Young Club news release. “Thank you to everyone that helped make this dream a reality. Special thanks to my friend and guide Cole Kramer, and especially my wife, Felicia for supporting me and allowing me to chase my dreams. Usually, Felicia is right beside me with her bow in hand, but this trip she stayed home and took care of our baby girl, Davoni. Coming home to them is a true blessing.”

Jack Brittingham arrowed the previous biggest brown bear in 2004.

As you can see in that video, bowhunting can get crazy fast! When you’re within just a few yards of a giant bear, you better not botch the shot. Placement is critical, especially when you’re hunting something as dangerous as a brown bear. Luckily Jack made a good shot and came home with a true monster.

Learn where the largest brown bears in the world come from based on the statistics.

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