Yukon Grizzly Hunt

These mountain grizzlies in the Yukon have almost no hunting pressure, so boars get old and they get big! This is a high success, trophy Yukon grizzly hunt for mature boars squaring 7-9 feet.


  • Spring and Fall Hunts
  • Fall Hunts are by Horseback, Argos or ATV’s
  • Spring Hunts are by Jet Boat, Snowmobiles or ATV’s
  • Add a Grizzly Bear to a Moose, Caribou, Mountain Goat or Dall Sheep Hunt for a Harvest Fee
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In the heart of the Yukon, the Mountain Grizzly thrives, relatively untouched by the hunting world. A Yukon grizzly hunt can either be a single-species hunt during the Fall or Spring seasons or, more commonly, as part of combination hunts during the Fall hunting expeditions.

  • A Fall Yukon grizzly hunt combo can include moose, caribou, mountain goats and/or Dall sheep.
  • In the Spring, a Yukon grizzly hunt is a different adventure as you will take to the rivers in a jet boat, or maybe even access hunting areas with snowmobiles, or even embark on challenging backpack expeditions.
  • Opting for the Spring adventure is an excellent choice when your Fall schedule is already brimming with plans.


These grizzlies boast exceptionally plush, thick fur, a testament to their endurance through some of the harshest, coldest winters in the North.

Our grizzly hunting experiences are centered around the ‘spot and stalk’ method, whether in the crisp air of Autumn or the rejuvenating Spring. In the months of August through October, we rely on horses, Argo vehicles, and ATVs to navigate the rugged terrain of our front range. When Spring paints the landscape with a different palette, we switch to jet boats, snowmobiles, or ATVs, choosing the mode of transportation that best suits the prevailing snow conditions.

Both hunting seasons demand a fair amount of walking and extensive glassing, as patience is your greatest ally in this pursuit of nature’s untamed marvels. In the Spring, be prepared to embrace the challenge of snowshoes when necessary.

Our grizzly boars, with their impressive stature ranging from 7 to 9 feet, display a breathtaking array of colors, spanning from deep, dark hues to the brightest blondes, and everything in between. With a highly skilled and experienced crew by your side, your hunting journey promises to be an unforgettable adventure filled with high success and treasured memories!

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