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Will a leopard attack a human? Well duh…

Amazingly, hundreds of people every month search online for "will a leopard attack a human". [...]

Outdoors International Podcast: Aoudad Hunting Tips

Aoudad hunting can be extreme if you choose to hunt them free range style and [...]

HUNT REPORT: Unguided Alaska Caribou | Beau Martonik

The adventure of flying into the remote wilderness of Alaska is something that I want [...]

HUNT REPORT: Alaska Dall Sheep | Anthony Weber

I harvested my ram on day three. Guide and packer were great, pilot was also [...]

Nunivak Island Muskox Hunting Video with AJ Kissel

AJ Kissel, with help from his brother, Patrick do a DIY, tradbow muskox hunt on [...]

High Water Bear Hunt

Idaho spring bear hunting was quite an adventure to say the least. Idaho had WAY [...]

New World Record Jackrabbit Shot in Idaho

Our own Russ Meyer fulfilled a lifelong dream, taking the new World Record Jackrabbit last [...]

Cape Buffalo Hunting

The Cape buffalo is a large African bovine whose aggressive, unpredictable nature makes it highly [...]

Outdoors International Podcast: How to Hunt Wolves with Brent Martell

A guide to wolf hunting, including calling methods, and choosing good areas to hunt.

New World Record Brown Bear

On May, 2018 on the Alaska Peninsula, Chris Cammack, broke Jack Brittingham’s record for the [...]