High Water Bear Hunt

High Water Bear Hunt

Idaho spring bear hunting was quite an adventure to say the least. Idaho had WAY above average snow pack this winter and the creeks were raging! Not to say that it wasn’t a TON of fun though, with lots and lots of big bears spotted. Many of them being color phase.

As you’ll see in the video below, things got a little spooky.

Close call huh?

Normally this stream is only a few feet wide and maybe a foot deep. Pretty incredible how some runoff can change things in just a matter of hours.

That same evening, we attempted the crossing again (we know we’re not too smart… hindsight is 20/20) in the guides Dodge diesel pickup and it got stuck too. I was able to winch him out with my Jeep again, but the pickup sucked water through the engine and the insurance company totaled it. This was an expensive hunt and I’m glad nobody was hurt.

Despite the tough conditions and high water, we did have some success.

Sometimes a spring bear hunt is an adventure and has a few extra challenges, and you know what? I’m all right with that. Keeps things interesting. We continued to work hard and despite the conditions, we did very well on our Idaho black bear hunt. Todd Dunn took a nice chocolate bear on the first day (right after the river crossing incident). Craig Frank took an absolutely beautiful blonde bear on the last evening of the hunt. They both shot their bears with bows. I chased a monster all season, but never sealed the deal.

by Cory Glauner

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