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Idaho Bear Hunts

Outdoors International only works with vetted guides and outfitters for our Idaho bear hunts.

  • Idaho has a healthy population of black bears.
  • There are some units that have a two-bear limit.
  • Color phase bears are common…even the norm in some areas of Idaho.
  • Taking a mature boar is always the goal with the Idaho black bear hunting outfitters that we work with.
  • Baiting, hound hunting and spring bear hunts are all legal in Idaho.
  • In the Fall, Idaho has some good combo opportunities.
  • Nonresident deer and elk tags may also be used to harvest a black bear or mountain lion.
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There are a variety of options for bear hunting in Idaho. The state offers different types of hunts, including baited hunts, spot-and-stalk, and hound hunts, catering to different preferences and styles of hunting. One appealing aspect is the diversity in the color phases of black bears found in Idaho. Despite being called black bears, Idaho’s bear population includes cinnamon, brown, and bears with blazes, providing hunters with a unique and varied experience. Whether you’re seeking a specific type of hunt or hoping to encounter bears with distinct colorations, Idaho bear hunts offer a rich and diverse experience for hunters.

idaho bear hunts

Idaho offers some of the most unique color phase black bears in the world.

The majority of bears harvested are a color other than black! The bears on our Idaho wilderness spring black bear hunts can vary from chocolate to blondes and reds with many variations in between!

Idaho bear hunts in the spring can be a lot of fun.

On a typical hunt you should have a lot of activity on the bait. Successful bear baiting is a bit of an art form, and our outfitters know how to do it right and deliver for our hunters year after year.

The fall bear hunts in Idaho are during the elk and deer seasons.

Early September is is the best time of year as the elk and the wolves are responding to calls. If you like to fish, you can make it a cast-and-blast trip because Idaho has some spectacular fly fishing.

  • Target mature boars in backcountry, remote baiting locations.
  • Usually you’ll be hunting from a tent camp, supported by horses.
  • High success rates.
  • Color phased bears are the norm on these Idaho hunts.
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Jace and Kyle with Jaces bear

Frank church wilderness area

The goal on our Frank Church Idaho bear hunts is a mature, age-class boar, and there are good numbers of them. This is due to the limited hunting pressure in this VERY remote area.

These backcountry Idaho spring bear hunts are conducted in and around the “Frank”. The Frank Church Wilderness is one of the largest and most remote wilderness areas left in the lower 48. You can choose to hunt early during the spring by spot-and-stalk, or mid season over bait. On the spot and stalk hunts, you’ll cover ground on foot and horseback glassing open areas for bear feeding in the meadows. The baited hunts are over well established baits during the rut. Both hunts are fun, and completely different experiences.

The only bad thing about these wilderness Idaho bear hunts is the limited availability.

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Here at Outdoors International, we pride ourselves on having a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants. They are passionate about ensuring your hunting experience surpasses all expectations. Ask us about our Idaho bear hunts today. We understand the importance of meticulous planning and seamless logistics for a successful hunt.

7 reviews for Idaho Bear Hunts

  1. Mat C.

    I can’t hunt with the Outdoors International team again. I shot my first bear ever, with my bow and he’s a giant!

  2. Kyle Hanson

    My Idaho Black Bear hunt was simply amazing.

    I honestly had no idea I would enjoy black bear hunting as much as I did. I could see myself making this hunt an annual event.. and I already have. I re-booked for next year!

  3. Kyle Hanson

    This was my second time hunting with this outfitter. Idaho spring bear hunts have become an annual trip for me and one of my favorite hunts year round. Bears are just flat out cool critters and a blast to hunt. That being said, I am not one to chase the same experience twice so we switched things up this year with an early season spot & stalk hunt on horseback rather than a baited hunt in June (which was awesome too…). I didn’t know at the time but this hunt ended up being my dream bear hunt.

  4. Adam Donahue

    It was awesome being so far out and away from everything. It was a tough hunt- lots of horseback riding and miles of hiking in the mountains every day. But that’s what made it so great.

  5. Jace Myers

    I see no reason to look about for another outfitter-I am sure they would fall far short of this operation and hunting experience. I will schedule several more hunts with him. Look no farther than this outfitter for your Idaho big game hunting.

  6. John LaBanc

    The outfitter and his wife Meghan are energetic, enthusiastic and focused on the hunters having an exceptional hunting experience.

  7. Judith McLean

    Fantastic bear hunt. Truly professional…and it just didn’t have any need for improvement. The game was exceptional, outfitter knows his area and total preparation was completed.

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My hunt was absolutely top notch.

The outfitter is a fantastic man and incredibly hard working and knowledgeable, there is no doubt he will do everything within his power to make peoples hunts successful and enjoyable. I plan to do it again with him next year for sure.

Wade Zuver

Our hunt was excellent.

We saw bucks every day along with all other sorts of wildlife. Mountain goats, bears, and foxes were common sights. Fishing and crabbing was special bonus. The food was excellent, the crew was amazing. Outdoors International did a great job of finding exactly what we were looking for.

Jesse Neveau

What an amazing experience!

The hunting lodge was out of this world!, Rooms, food and the scenery were all A+. Our guide was exceptional and had us on Shiras moose all five days. We saw over 30 total with at least 10 bulls. They had a plan for everything including taxidermy and game processing.

Kayla Redmon