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  • Trophy quality is excellent! Several Pope and Young and Boone and Crockett boars are taken annually.
  • Lodging is very nice.
  • Food is top notch.
  • Laid back, fun hunt.
  • Good numbers of color phase bears.
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These Saskatchewan bear hunts are a great bang for your buck. Big bears for a great price. This outfitter is becoming well known for taking “Booner” bears up to AND OVER 600 POUNDS!

This Saskatchewan Hunting Lodge truly offers you a chance at a record book bear!

Big bear at the bait barrel.You’ll be hunting black bears over 90,000 acres of thick Saskatchewan forest ground just south of the Boreal Forest of Canada for big, mature black bears. They harvest around 45% color phase bears ranging from bright blonde to black and just about everything in between.

This is a  “Country-Club” style, easy going hunt.

On a typical day you will sleep in, wake up and have breakfast. You are welcome to hang around lodge, take pics, watch guides prepare/skin bears, or go fishing.  Have lunch and get prepared to leave with guide in mid afternoon to go out on stand for evening sit. Days are long in May/June and typically does not get dark until 10 PM. Guide will pick you up and return to lodge for a late dinner. If you tag out early, you can either chill at lodge or go assist guides with other hunters.

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1 review for Saskatchewan Bear Hunts

  1. Allen Sherwood

    On my first sit I shot an big 8 year old boar that weighed 350 to 375 pounds. The bear just fit into the 6 foot trailer and we traveled back for skinning, meat and fat harvesting. The remainder of our time was extremely restful and relaxing. We were treated like family, fed wonderful meals with enough food for an army! It was an experience and a trip that will not be forgotten!

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