Cory Glauner

With a background in web development, online marketing as well as years of experience as a hunting guide and outfitter, Cory Glauner is the founder of Outdoors International.

Cory has been blessed to travel, hunt, and fish the world.

He is always looking for that new adventure, but says: “Some of my very best memories are right here close to home spending time with friends and family.” He is first and foremost a Dad, but also an avid hunter (mostly with a bow, but but not afraid to pick up a rifle), bird hunter, and fisherman. Read about some of his adventures.

You can usually find him behind the scenes.

Along with our talented staff of in-house developers, Cory oversees all aspects of Graphic Design, Web Development, Custom Programming, Social Media, Video and Editing. Because we are able to make changes “on the fly,” we are nimble, efficient, and effective.

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This fishery is renowned as one of the finest locales in the world of saltwater fishing to throw a fly at a super-slam at almost any time of the year.

Cory Glauner

Founder, Co-owner