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HUNT REPORT: Alaska Unguided Moose | Cory Glauner

An unguided drop hunt for moose has always been a dream of mine. The thought [...]

Last Minute Arizona Muley Hunt Report by Russ Meyer

I’ll never forget the smile on Darin’s face and the excitement in his eyes. We [...]

Hunting Lions in Africa

There is a saying in Africa that you are frightened three times during a lion [...]

Benefits of Elephant Hunting

The anti-hunting community would like you to believe the elephant is endangered and on the [...]

HUNT REPORT: Washington Black Bear | Cory Glauner

Cory Glauner and Brandon Couchman head to Washington state to hunt over-sized black bears.

Aoudad Hunt Report by Cory Glauner

Aoudads are one of the neatest animals I’ve ever hunted anywhere in the world.

Best Setup for Archery Cape Buffalo

If you've ever wanted to hunt Cape buffalo with a bow, here's what you need [...]

HUNT REPORT: Alaska Unguided Moose | Dirty Red Adventures

Most amazing adventure in my life. No words can or ever will explain the journey. [...]

Black Death in the Limpopo

I have dreamed of hunting cape buffalo with a bow in Africa since I was [...]

HUNT REPORT: Washington Black Bear | Brandon Couchman

Great hunt, great guides, great service! It turns out that we were bear hunting western [...]