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HUNT REPORT: Alaska Unguided Moose | Cory Glauner

An unguided drop hunt for moose has always been a dream of mine. The thought [...]

Last Minute Arizona Muley Hunt Report by Russ Meyer

I’ll never forget the smile on Darin’s face and the excitement in his eyes. We [...]

Hunting Lions in Africa

There is a saying in Africa that you are frightened three times during a lion [...]

Benefits of Elephant Hunting

The anti-hunting community would like you to believe the elephant is endangered and on the [...]

HUNT REPORT: Washington Black Bear | Cory Glauner

Cory Glauner and Brandon Couchman head to Washington state to hunt over-sized black bears. [...]

Outdoors International Podcast: Coyote Hunting Basics with Clay Owens

Coyote calling techniques in different areas of the US, how to call them, how to [...]

Aoudad Hunt Report by Cory Glauner

Aoudads are one of the neatest animals I’ve ever hunted anywhere in the world. [...]

Best Setup for Archery Cape Buffalo

If you've ever wanted to hunt Cape buffalo with a bow, here's what you need [...]

HUNT REPORT: Alaska Unguided Moose | Dirty Red Adventures

Most amazing adventure in my life. No words can or ever will explain the journey. [...]

Black Death in the Limpopo

I have dreamed of hunting cape buffalo with a bow in Africa since I was [...]