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HUNT REPORT: Washington Black Bear | Brandon Couchman

Great hunt, great guides, great service! It turns out that we were bear hunting western [...]

The Friday the 13th Bull

After three years of hard elk hunting and only coming home with tag soup, I [...]

New Mexico Elk Hunt Report by Jared Griffith

While in Croatia for work, I received a text message from my miracle worker Russ [...]

Quebec Red Stag Hunt Report by Cory Glauner

Sure you can hunt red stags in New Zealand, but you really should consider a [...]

HUNT REPORT: New Mexico Late Season Elk | Justin Sparks

Cory Glauner and Justin Sparks of Kryptek were invited to New Mexico to check out [...]

Texas Aoudad Hunting Video

We went four-for-four on big rams in four days of action packed Texas aoudad hunting [...]

HUNT REPORT: Magical Morning in the Elk Woods | Cory Glauner

A season of bowhunting for elk often comes down to one magical morning. Here's an [...]

HOSTED HUNT REPORT: Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear | Cory Glauner

OI Founder and Co-owner Cory Glauner went on a brown bear hunt in Alaska Peninsula with [...]

South Texas Deer Hunting ROCKS!

The South Texas deer hunting Ranch (management) Hunt is a basic hunting package for [...]

Nebraska Pronghorn Hunt Report by Russ Meyer

Is anyone looking for a great archery antelope hunt with the option of a bonus [...]