Group of South Dakota pheasant hunters

South Dakota Pheasant Hunt Report by Dan Wolfe

The Wolfe group had a ton of fun on their pheasant hunt!

Outdoors International donated this South Dakota pheasant hunt. Dan Wolfe, from Indiana bought the hunt at the auction and brought six of his friends. We would like to thank Dave Brucken of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

We had a lot of fun on this hunt, and the bird hunting was smoking hot! Just look at that pile of birds in that picture! Not only was the pheasant hunt fun, these guys knew how to party. LOTS of beer was consumed to say the least. That didn’t affect their shooting though. Everybody got their limit every day.

We hunted birds for three days and since most of the corn was already cut, there were pheasants everywhere! It was the perfect South Dakota pheasant hunt. We had some corn strips near the farmhouse that had hundreds of birds in them. With ten people pheasant hunting, our limit was thirty birds a day, and everybody shot well so it was a blast! Another highlight of the trip was the food. One night, my dad made Dutch Oven pheasant and crab dinner for us… That was some good stuff.

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A lot of people think that a late season bird hunt isn’t as good as earlier in the year, but that is a myth!

There is something to be learned from this trip. Everybody wants to hunt the opening day of the South Dakota pheasant season, but often the corn is still up and the birds are hard to get to. By the third week, corn is usually coming down, weather is still nice and the birds are MUCH easier to hunt. It is easier to find an open date further into the season as well. We’re filling up fast, so if you want to come, contact us today.

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South Dakota Pheasant Hunt Report by Dan Wolfe

We had a lot of fun on this hunt, and the hunting was smoking hot! [...]

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