Unguided Alaska Caribou Hunt Report by Beau Martonik

The adventure of flying into the remote wilderness of Alaska is something that I want more of after the unguided caribou hunt.

Anthony Weber with a great ram

Dall Sheep Hunt Report by Anthony Weber

I harvested my ram on day three. Guide and packer were great, pilot was also good. I ended up leaving early and doing my own trophy care as I wanted to bring everything back with me instead of leaving with the taxidermist up in Alaska.

AJ Kissel with his archery muskox

Nunivak Island Muskox Hunting Video with AJ Kissel

AJ Kissel, with help from his brother, Patrick do a DIY, tradbow muskox hunt on Nunivak Island. Spring muskox hunting is a true Arctic adventure, where you will experience the Inuit culture in the harshest environment on earth…as you will see in this video.

Fly Rods, Reels & Combos

Braided Line for Backing – How to save some money on your fly fishing setup.

Sure you can spend a bunch of money and get an ultra small diameter backing that will work just fine. But if you are like us it doesn’t make a ton of sense to spend a bunch on backing when you could be spending that on more gear.