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Scott Turner: Striped Marlin Fishing Report – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

DATE: January, 2023 I caught the biggest marlin of my life on my sisters birthday [...]

Will a leopard attack a human? Well duh…

Amazingly, hundreds of people every month search online for "will a leopard attack a human". [...]

Best Places to Salmon Fish

We've all heard of the incredible fishing in Alaska and Canada, but besides those two [...]

HUNT REPORT: Unguided Alaska Caribou | Beau Martonik

The adventure of flying into the remote wilderness of Alaska is something that I want [...]

HUNT REPORT: Alaska Dall Sheep | Anthony Weber

I harvested my ram on day three. Guide and packer were great, pilot was also [...]

Nunivak Island Muskox Hunting Video with AJ Kissel

AJ Kissel, with help from his brother, Patrick do a DIY, tradbow muskox hunt on [...]

Braided Line for Backing – How to save some money on your fly fishing setup.

Sure you can spend a bunch of money and get an ultra small diameter backing [...]

High Water Bear Hunt

Idaho spring bear hunting was quite an adventure to say the least. Idaho had WAY [...]

New World Record Jackrabbit Shot in Idaho

Our own Russ Meyer fulfilled a lifelong dream, taking the new World Record Jackrabbit last [...]

Outdoors International Podcast: How to Hunt Wolves with Brent Martell

A guide to wolf hunting, including calling methods, and choosing good areas to hunt.