Alaska Duck Hunting

The jaw dropping King Eider of Alaska.

Alaska duck hunting season runs from December through January. The waterfowl are in their full winter plumage and make beautiful trophies for collectors after their sea duck slam.  The sheltered bays offer good protection for the wintering ducks, and the hunting can be incredible!

Alaska Duck Hunting

  • Alaska duck hunting is exceptional with beautiful, fully-feathered museum quality specimens for collectors.
  • When duck hunting Alaska, you’ll target not only traditional sea ducks but get trophy birds like Harlequin, Surf Scoter, Common Scoter, White Wing Scoter, Common and Red Breasted Merganser and Barrow’s Goldeneye.
  • Good bird numbers, low hunter pressure and great success rates.
  • Often you can add some fishing to your Alaska duck hunting trip and make it a cast-and-blast trip.

Best time to go duck hunting in Alaska

Weather plays a huge role in waterfowl hunting in Alaska, especially since most waterfowlers who come here are after trophy birds in full winter plumage. If that’s your goal, we suggest that you hunt after November 1st through the end of the duck hunting season in mid-December. Sunlight is another factor to consider. In November, you’ll have around 10 hours of daylight, but in December that drops to five or six hours. Warm layers of comfortable clothes, wool and fleece are recommended. Be sure to bring one heavy coat for sitting in skiffs or blinds.

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