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The only Full Service Lodge on the Entire Goodnews River.

  • This area receives very little fishing pressure, and even less bird hunting pressure. Making it the perfect Alaska cast and blast destination.
  • You’ll enjoy hunting extremely high numbers of ptarmigan, and great duck hunting as well.
  • The Goodnews River is a small, intimate, easy wading river with outstanding runs of all five species of Pacific salmon, sea run Dolly Varden, resident Leopard Rainbow trout and grayling.
  • Weather is rarely an issue here.


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Looking for an unforgettable outdoor adventure? Consider an Alaska cast and blast on the Goodnews River, where you’ll experience the thrill of fishing and hunting in one of the most beautiful places on earth. This Alaska cast and blast trip on the Goodnews River offers the perfect Alaskan adventure It features duck and ptarmigan hunting in the mornings and then you can salmon fishing all day. Sounds just about perfect right?!

Are you ready for an Alaska cast and blast adventure?

Ptarmigan hunting in AlaskaA cast and blast adventure is a type of outdoor experience that combines fishing and hunting in one trip. Participants typically spend time fishing for a variety of species, such as salmon, trout, and grayling, before switching gears to hunt for game like waterfowl or upland birds. These trips often take place in remote locations, providing a unique opportunity to connect with nature and challenge oneself in the great outdoors.

Why choose the Goodnews River in Alaska?

The Goodnews River in Alaska is a prime location for a cast and blast adventure due to its abundance of fish and game, as well as its stunning natural beauty. The river is home to all five species of Pacific salmon, as well as rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, and Arctic grayling. In addition, the surrounding wilderness provides ample opportunities for hunting waterfowl and upland birds. The remote location also ensures a peaceful and immersive experience in the heart of Alaska’s wilderness.

There are only two weeks available per season, and each week is limited to only six guests. If you’ve fished some of the more famous Rivers in Alaska, you know you have to compete for the best spots on the river with other lodges. Not on the Goodnews River. The only other people you’re likely to see are your campmates!

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Aerial view of the Goodnews River

The Goodnews River

What types of fish can you expect to catch?

This amazing little river is a three-branch wilderness river system, that runs along the Togiak National Wilderness Reserve before emptying into the Bering Sea in southwest Alaska. Since it’s the only fishing lodge on the entire Goodnews River, you’re not likely to have much, if any competition.

Salmon fishing on the Goodnews River is amazing, and you can even make it an Alaska cast and blast!
Salmon fishing on the Goodnews River is amazing.

There are excellent runs of all five species of Pacific salmon, sea-run dolly varden, resident leopard rainbows, and Arctic grayling. The Lodge is a fixed camp right on the river just above tidewater and is not a fly-out camp.

You’ll have access to over 490 miles of the river, feeder creeks, braids, sloughs, and tidewater fishing. Angling is restricted to artificial flies and lures.

  • The fishing season kicks off in late June with the arrival of king salmon, teamed with rainbow trout and grayling fishing.
  • Early July brings chums and sockeyes into the river by the thousands.
  • Sea-run dolly varden arrive in mid-July, and some of the season’s largest dollies up to 30″ are caught during this time.
  • In even-numbered years (2024 and 2026), thousands of pink salmon flood the river.
  • The Lodge is best known for its silver salmon season. Silvers begin showing up in mid-July until the camp closes in mid-September.

As for hunting, the surrounding wilderness provides opportunities for waterfowl and upland bird hunting.

You may encounter species such as ducks, geese, ptarmigan, and grouse. With such a diverse range of fish and game, a cast and blast adventure on the Goodnews River is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

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The Alaska Cast and Blast is offered for only two weeks per season. Usually the first two weeks of September, depending on the year. Limited to six guests per week.


Cabins are elevated tents with carpeted wood floors, extra long beds with flannel sheets and thick comforters, and a bath area with a shower, a sink, and a toilet. The cabins have thermostat-controlled propane heat and electric and gas lighting. Two guests per cabin. Some tents are large enough to accommodate families of three.


At 7:00 a.m., hot breakfasts with pancakes or french toast, bacon, sausage, fresh baked muffins and bread, hash browns, quiches, hot and cold cereals, fruits, and of course, eggs to order. After breakfast, you'll make your sandwich or wrap at the lunch bar and grab sodas and cookies. The guides bring along hot coffee and tea, plus drinking water. Hot soup is always available at the lodge–and looked forward to on rainy days. If you want a shore lunch, let your guide know the night before, and he will arrange it. Appetizers in the evening, and then dinner at 7:00 p.m. Entrees include prime rib, halibut, bbq, and fresh fish is always on the menu. Delicious nightly desserts.

After dinner each evening, you'll have some free time on your hands. In the Recreation Hall, play Foosball or Ping Pong, tie flies or tell tall tales of the one that got away. Or, if you still have the strength, wrestle with more fish right out in front of the Lodge before bed.


Sea Ark boats with Yamaha motors.


The Lodge owner is onsite all season. All guides have had prior experience on the Goodnews River. Each guide has his own favorite fish, methods, and sections of the River, which is why you'll fish with a different guide each day. Two anglers per guide and jet boat.


All flies, lures, and terminal tackle are included. In addition, the Lodge has a supply of loaner gear, including rods, reels, waders, and wading boots, at no cost should you need them. Two-handed spey rods are not available. If you would like to reserve rods or waders, please let us know, and the Lodge will reserve them for you. Guide-tied flies are included in the package. (The guides tie them in the off-season.) If you would like a list of productive patterns, please let us know. Lures are also provided. Please remember that the River is restricted to artificial flies and lures (For rainbows, barbless are preferred as they are resident fish) and single hook only. No treble hooks.

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  1. Zack H.

    This is a great remote camp with amazing fishing and ptarmigan hunting.

  2. Jim McRoberts

    Really enjoyed this place.

  3. Rodney G.

    Great ptarmigan hunting, amazing salmon fishing. The duck hunting was ok.

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