Sockeye Salmon run on the Kenai River

Fishing in Alaska – Top 10 Best Trips

Alaska is one of the top sport angling destinations in the world due to its salmon, halibut, and trout fishing opportunities. The vast landmass of Alaska is scattered with rivers, lakes and streams that offer unparalleled fishing. Alaska has the largest and last wild salmon runs in the world, and unparalleled fishing for large Rainbow trout. You can’t go wrong going fishing in Alaska.

Fishing in Alaska

Alaska is one of the most spectacular, premier fishing destinations in the world.

It can be as easy as pulling off the side of the road and casting a line, or you can charter a boat or float plane to whisk you off to a secluded fishing spot. There are countless opportunities to reel in one of the more than 627 species that inhabit Alaska’s waters, including a variety of salmon, trout, halibut, arctic char, pike, grayling, and Dolly Varden. With over three million lakes, twelve thousand rivers, and thousands of fish-filled streams, you can see that the challenge isn’t catching fish, but deciding where and what to catch.

Every region of Alaska offers accommodations that cater to the needs of the angler, ranging from rustic camping to all-inclusive luxury lodges and everything in between. If you don’t have time for an overnight or multi-day fishing package, book one of the many half-day or full-day fishing trips available throughout the state.

Saltwater Fishing in Alaska

Saltwater fishing charters are one of the most popular and exciting fishing excursions in Alaska. Expert captains will take you to prime spots for Alaska salmon and halibut fishing, or you can book a multi-species charter to add some rockfish, cod, and bass.

Freshwater Fishing in Alaska

If freshwater fishing is more your style, you can rent fishing gear from a local outfitter or join a guided trip to catch rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, salmon, and more from Alaska’s pristine rivers and streams. Visiting in winter? Ice fishing options abound on Alaska’s lakes. Rent ice fishing gear yourself or let guides take you to the local hot spots on a guided ice fishing tour for your chance to reel one in under the northern lights.

Top 10 Fishing Trips in Alaska

The remote Alaskan wilderness is stunning for a first time traveler. The fishing is rewarding enough that veterans go back year after year to fish and experience the incredibly bountiful waters of Alaska. Whether you’re searching for a luxury Alaska fishing lodge for the entire family, or a week long float trip down a remote river system with some buddies, or maybe its a do-it-yourself salmon fishing adventure you are looking for, Alaska has it. And we can help you book your dream trip!

Bristol Bay and Western Alaska are blessed with the largest salmon runs in the world.
Bristol Bay and Western Alaska are blessed with the largest salmon runs in the world.

#1) Luxury Fly-out Fishing Lodge in Bristol Bay

Because of consistent and wise management practices, Bristol Bay has one of the world’s last sustainable Pacific salmon fisheries.

This Bristol Bay fishing lodge operates on healthy rivers with large populations of all five species of Pacific salmon, Rainbow trout, Arctic char, Dolly Varden, grayling, and pike. Bristol Bay and Western Alaska are blessed with the largest sockeye salmon runs in the world.

Sound amazing? Well, it is.

This Alaska fishing lodge is one our favorites and we’d love to help you experience it yourself.

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This fall Steelhead fishing trip is one of the best all around steelhead destinations in the world.
This fall Steelhead fishing trip is one of the best all around steelhead destinations in the world.

#2) Alaska Steelhead Fishing Lodge

This Alaska steelhead fishing guide offers one of the best steelhead trips in Alaska and an unmatched experience fishing for truly wild steelhead.

This Alaska fishing guide is as good as they get for steelhead fishing!

High catch rates on wild steelhead, diverse angling opportunities, and extremely low fishing pressure. With all of the steelhead running up the three different rivers, it’s a premier destination. It’s a great trip for either a beginner or advanced steelhead angler. If this trip sounds good to you, we’d love to help you book it.

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Spots are limited, so don’t wait!

Kodiak Island Offshore Halibut and Salmon Fishing Lodge

#3) Kodiak Island Halibut and Salmon Fishing Lodge

This high-end Alaska fishing lodge on Kodiak Island offers incredible halibut and some of the best salmon fishing in Alaska. It’s an all-inclusive fishing trip on Kodiak Island in a secluded fishing heaven, and should be on every anglers bucket list.

This area of Kodiak is ranked the #1 fishery in Alaska’s protected waters.

The water near the lodge is rich with baitfish which are a staple food source for halibut, King salmon, silver salmon and ling cod.

The fishing is only 15-45 minutes from the lodge and most days you will be fishing in calm shallow water making the fishing more intense.

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Dates book up early each year, so contact us quickly to set up your trip.

Sockeye Salmon FIshing in Alaska

#4) Alaska Float Fishing Adventure in Western Alaska

If you want the real Alaskan fishing experience, you’ll have a blast and leave trying to decide when you can come back! Alaska backcountry river excursions are among the most sought after fishing trips available anywhere in the world.

This is a six to eight day, Alaskan fishing excursion. Fly-in and out in float planes, and float down miles and miles of untouched wild and scenic fish filled river.

We highly recommend this trip, and would love to help you book it.

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Fishing with the bears

#5) Flyout Alaska Fishing Lodge on the Naknek River

This fishing lodge on the Naknek River has been in operation for over 15 years and is located smack dab in the middle of Alaska’s Bristol Bay Area – the beating heart of fish country.

Situated about seven miles downstream from Naknek Lake on the Naknek River, this fly-out fishing lodge offers anglers access to all five species of Pacific salmon and trophy Rainbow trout.

Right next door is Katmai National Park and Preserve, which contains such famous rivers as the Brooks, Moraine, Battle, Contact and Kulik to name a few. You can leave the crowds behind with fly outs to all the rivers in Katmai as well as the more remote rivers on the Alaskan Peninsula!

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Patrick Kissel rainbow trout fishing in Alaska

#6) Kenai River Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing Guide

This fly fishing day trip on the Kenai River continues to produce huge rainbows for our clients! Each year rainbows over the 30 inch mark and up to 15 pounds are caught.

You should catch some slabs, but don’t expect to land a fish of this size. They are some of the hardest fighting rainbows anywhere! Hooking a mega sized rainbow in Alaska with your fly rod is one thing, but landing it is another!

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Salmon Fishing the Goodnews River in Southwest Alaska#7) Salmon Fishing the Goodnews River in Southwest Alaska

This Alaskan fishing lodge is a rare find in the fishing world. It’s the ONLY full service fishing lodge on the Goodnews River.

The Goodnews River is a three-branch wilderness river system about 450 miles from Anchorage. It also sits right at the edge of the Togiak National Wilderness Reserve, and flows into the Bering Sea in southwest Alaska.

Fishing here is like fishing was before the crowds discovered your favorite secret fishing hole.

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Prince of Wales, Alaska Offshore Fishing Lodge

#8) Prince of Wales, Alaska Offshore Fishing Lodge

Fill your freezer with salmon and halibut at this Alaska fishing resort on Prince of Wales Island out of Ketchikan.

This fishing lodge on Prince of Wales Island in SE Alaska is a fisherman’s dream. It offers fantastic fishing for King, silver and other salmon species along with halibut, lingcod and rockfish.

You don’t need to be an expert to catch fish on this trip.

Go on a trip of a lifetime, stay in 5 star accommodations, eat gourmet meals of fresh caught seafood, and delicious steaks with Pacific coast wines.

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Flyout Fishing Lodge on the Kanektok River in Western Alaska#9) Flyout Fishing Lodge on the Kanektok River in Western Alaska

Does fast paced fishing for silver salmon sound good to you? This flyout fishing lodge in Alaska offers incredible fly fishing for Rainbow trout, silver salmon, king salmon and more…

The Kanektok River in Western Alaska is where this fixed-base tent lodge is located. This special river is known as a fish factory by our return guests.

During the second, third and fourth weeks in July, we offer a ‘fish with family’ discount. One trip at the full rate with the other one half-off!

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Alagnak River Flyout Salmon Fishing Lodge#10) Alagnak River Flyout Salmon Fishing Lodge

The Alagnak River has one of the best salmon runs in the Bristol Bay Region. It is unbounded by dams, and its headwaters start in the Aleutian Range. This fishing at this flyout fishing lodge is as good today as it was 100 years ago.

One of the best salmon fisheries in the Bristol Bay Region.

The river has prime spawning gravel to boast healthy strong runs of all five species of Pacific Salmon! The lodge sits in a prime location within striking distance of best areas = more time fishing.

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Save Bristol Bay

Save Bristol Bay from Pebble Mine

Pebble Mine’s first major federal permit application to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is currently under review. Click here to learn about Pebble’s mine plan. Per this initial permit application, Pebble seeks to develop the first 1.5 billion tons of its nearly 11 billion-ton deposit and set the stage for future expansion and the construction of an industrial mining district in Bristol Bay.

It’s critical for the public to stay engaged at every juncture of Pebble’s permitting process. Check the take action page for the latest opportunity to weigh in.