• Catch the Salmon Grand Slam, Rainbow trout, Dolly Varden and grayling.
  • Excellent King salmon fishing with a two-hand rod.
  • This Kanektok River fishing lodge is located just eight miles upriver from the salt = chrome salmon.
  • Fishing season is mid-June through August.
  • Fast-paced action. You’ll catch LOTS of fish!
  • Comfortable but casual accommodations.
  • This is a great fishing trip for anglers of all skill sets.
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Does fast paced fishing for silver salmon sound good to you? This flyout fishing lodge in Alaska offers incredible fly fishing for rainbow trout, silver salmon, king salmon and more…The Kanektok River Alaska is where this fixed-base tent lodge is located. It’s an incredibly productive fishery and folks who know call it a ‘fish factory.‘


The best time to go fishing in Alaska is up for debate, but here are the best Kanektok River Alaska times.

  • Most anglers, like to catch a variety of fish species – mid June, through August, you can fish trout, dolly varden, grayling, and salmon.
  • The King salmon run is the second week of June through the middle of July.
  • Silver salmon are best in late July through August.

This Alaska flyout fishing lodge is located right on the Kanektok River, just eight miles upriver from the salt. That equals fresh, chrome salmon.


All season long there are Rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, grayling, and various salmon species. King salmon are available from the third week of June through end middle of July, and silver salmon are a target from late July through the end of August.

No matter your background, we’re pretty sure you’ll have a blast.

You’ll be fishing within eight miles of the saltwater, so the fish are bright, fresh and VERY aggressive. You’ll be in for a battle, and they are jumpers.

Both salmon and Rainbow trout fishing can be done directly from the boat.

Fishing from the boat is fun, but wading gravel bars and side-channels is awesome as well.

  • For salmon fishing, you will anchor up and swing flies and back troll plugs.
  • When you’re after rainbows, you’ll fish ‘drift boat style’ being rowed by your guide. This is a great way to cover water.

Flyout Fishing Lodge on the Kanektok River in Western Alaska


The Kanektok River Alaska has some of the best King Salmon fishing in the world!

When the Kings are running up the Kanektok River, the fly fishing is incredible. They’ll CRUSH swung flies (bring your spey rod if you have one, but it isn’t necessary). These monsters are hot, and it’s a different experience than what you’ll get in other rivers where you use upriver nymphing techniques.

Go in July for the Salmon Grand Slam!

If you go in late July, you’ll have a good chance at the Salmon Grand Slam – all five species of Pacific salmon, all caught on flies, all on the same day.

Woman flyfisher with a giant Kanektok River rainbow trout.


The Rainbow trout fishing on the Kanektok River can be absolutely amazing!

The Rainbow trout in the Kanektok River are big, and they hammer the flesh, egg, sculpin and leech patterns!  You can even ‘mouse’ for them with giant dry flies that imitate mice and voles. If you like to have fun, and who doesn’t, mousing should be on your short list.

Deluxe Tent Lodge


Stay in a deluxe tent lodge right on the Kanektok River, only eight miles from the salt!

  • This Alaska flyout fishing lodge is located right on the Kanektok River, just eight miles upriver from the salt. That equals fresh, chrome salmon.
  • While not a luxury lodge, this fixed-base tent lodge offers outstanding service, and Alaska gourmet cuisine.
  • You’ll sleep in heated tents with carpeted wooden floors.
  • The dining tent is furnished with gas ranges, convection oven, microwave, refrigerators and freezers.
  • The Lounge tent is where you will hang out. It has comfortable tables and chairs, a refrigerator stocked with drinks, poker chips, cards, board games, dart board, magazines, books, a telephone, satellite TV and some fly tying material and equipment.
  • There is also a drying tent, showers and sinks with hot running water and outhouse facilities.


The fishing guides are motivated, dedicated and highly skilled.

Besides the guide staff, the team includes mechanics and camp helpers, a gourmet chef and kitchen staff, housekeepers, managers and a dedicated camp host.

Are you interested in booking this fishing trip?

We’d love to help you experience Alaska fishing for yourself, and this trip is incredible!

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