Experience the Thrill of North Platte Duck Hunting

If you’re looking for a great duck hunt, North Platte, Nebraska is the perfect destination for your next adventure. With its abundance of prime hunting locations and experienced guides, you’re sure to have an action-packed and memorable trip. Get ready to experience the thrill of the hunt in North Platte!


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This is an exciting, high energy hunt for waterfowl hunting outfitter in the North Platte region of Nebraska and Wyoming! With high success rates for filling bag limits and not being a difficult, North Platte duck hunting is a thrill. You will be hunting fields and/or rivers. This is also an exciting hunt as there are several species of ducks and geese that you can harvest depending on the time of year you choose to go.

Why North Platte is the perfect destination for duck hunting.

North Platte is the perfect destination for duck hunting for several reasons. First, the area is home to a wide variety of waterfowl, including mallards, pintails, and teal, making it a prime location for hunting.

North Platte Duck Hunt
This is a fun hunt with fun guides.

Additionally, the experienced guides in North Platte know the best hunting spots and can help you have a successful hunt. Finally, the beautiful scenery and peaceful surroundings make North Platte a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

  • Hunt fields or rivers along the North Platte River in Wyoming and Nebraska.
  • Season is from September to April depending on species. In the early season hunt ducks, Sandhill cranes, Canada geese, and spring snow geese.
  • You will typically hunt out of eight-man heated blinds. However, they occasionally use layout blinds or A-frame blinds.
  • One guide per blind.
  • This outfitter takes groups of up to seven hunters in a group.
  • Nearly 100% chance to shoot your limit.

Our experienced guides and their knowledge of the area.

One of the biggest advantages of duck hunting in North Platte is our experienced guides. They have spent years hunting in the area and know the best spots to find waterfowl. They also have a deep understanding of the local terrain and weather patterns, which can be crucial for a successful hunt. Our guides are passionate about waterfowl hunting and are dedicated to helping you have a memorable and exciting experience.

Prime hunting locations and the types of ducks you can expect to see.

North Platte offers some of the best duck hunting locations in the country. Our guides will take you to prime spots on private land where you can expect to see a variety of ducks, including mallards, teal, gadwalls, and pintails. These ducks are attracted to the area’s abundant water sources and diverse habitats, which include wetlands, rivers, and agricultural fields. With our expert guidance, you’ll have the opportunity to limit out and create memories that will last a lifetime.


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