Kachemak Bay in Alaska is a prime duck hunting destination.

With its diverse range of waterfowl species and stunning natural scenery, it’s no wonder that hunters flock to this area. Our outfitter in this region offers a great duck hunting trip in Kachemak Bay.


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Hunt with one of the best Alaska duck hunting guides in the business. The owner-outfitter is an experienced, hard-core waterfowler with years of guiding and calling experience. He also offers duck hunts out of Seward, Alaska in Resurrection Bay as well as in the Prince William Sound area.

Kachemak Bay is a Duck Hunting Paradise.

This outfitter offers a custom trip catering to your needs. With good hunting for puddle ducks, divers and sea ducks, and an almost perfect success rate on harlequin and Barrow’s goldeneyes. This hunt is for the serious collector who wants mature birds in their prime winter plumage.

Harlequin ducks are on many hunters’ lists, and Kachemak Bay consistently holds good numbers of this sea duck.
Harlequin ducks are on many hunters’ lists, and Kachemak Bay consistently holds good numbers of this sea duck.
  • Sea Ducks and Puddle ducks are hunted over decoys from shore.
  • You will hunt Harlequin, Old Squaws, Surf, White, and Common Scoters, Barrows and Common Goldeneye, Common and Red Breasted Merganser, Greater Scaup, and Mallards, Pintails, Teal, Gadwall, Shovelers and Buffleheads.
  • Divers and puddle ducks do not go towards your non-resident sea duck limit and you are allowed 8 per day.
  • The large rafts of sea ducks in Kachemak bay provide for a great day of shooting and the scenery is spectacular!
  • Duck hunting Kachemak bay is a wingshooters paradise and we will tailor your trip to fit you.
  • Alaska duck hunting season is September through the end of the year.
  • Good duck numbers and high success.
  • Hunt is motel based, with boat transportation and daily hunts over decoys.

Duck species available in Kachemak Bay:

Sea Ducks

  • Harlequin
  • Surf scoter
  • Black scoter
  • White wing scoter
  • Old squaw
  • Common merganser
  • Red breasted merganser


  • Barrow’s Goldeneye
  • Common goldeneye
  • Greater scaup
  • Bufflehead

Puddle Ducks

  • Mallards
  • Pintail
  • Widgeon
  • Green wing teal
  • Gadwalls

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