Sea duck hunting in Alaska usually focuses on species specific trophy collecting, and this Kodiak Island duck hunting outfitter will adjust his hunting style according to your goals. Kodiak Island has exceptional waterfowl hunting.

Species of Ducks on Kodiak Island

Kodiak Island has good numbers of Harlequin; Barrow’s Goldeneye; Long-tailed (Old Squaw) Ducks; and White-Winged, Surf, and Black Scoters as well as Mallard; Wigeon; Bufflehead; Merganser; and Scaup. Kodiak Island also has King Eiders and Common Eiders, but they are rare. Consider yourself lucky if you end up with one.

If you’re interested in a lot of shooting, the Goldeneye, Mallard, and Widgeon hunting is phenomenal.

The bays around Kodiak Island offer good protection for the wintering ducks, but keep in mind, this is Alaska in the middle of the winter. Come prepared for wind, rain, snow and cold.

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