Argentina Cast and Blast Trip on the Only Mothership Program in Argentina

Incredible Argentina cast and blast option for golden dorado and ducks.

Argentina is known for its exceptional hunting and fishing experiences. The country is blessed with natural resources that attract fishing enthusiasts from all over the world. Cast and blast trips, a combination of fishing and hunting, are popular among tourists visiting Argentina. However, finding the right program can be a challenge. We have that part covered for you!


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This is a very unique Argentina cast and blast program where guests will enjoy luxury houseboat accommodations. The Parana River Delta is the second largest in South America next to the Amazon. It encompasses 4,600 square miles of river channel, back bays, lagoons, river banks, and duck and fish habitat.

  • Stay in a luxury, live aboard “Mothership”.
  • Enjoy fine dining.
  • You will be set in a remote part of the Parana River Delta offering hunting access to less pressured areas that are just a short skiff ride from the Mothership.
  • Hunt ducks in the mornings and fish for Golden dorado in the afternoons.
  • 12 different species of ducks with very liberal bag limits in Argentina.
  • Hunting is done from different blinds with decoys, dogs, and guides to call for you.
  • Season is May 15 through August 15.
  • Only 2.5 hours from Buenos Aires!

The all new river cruiser is a luxury live aboard vessel that has been specially built to provide luxury and comfort to the angler.

The Only Mothership Program in Argentina

What is a Mothership Program?

A mothership program is a unique type of cast and blast trip where guests live on a boat or vessel throughout the duration of the trip. The boat is usually stationed near the fishing and hunting grounds, making it easy for guests to access the locations.The program offers guests the opportunity to fish for golden dorado, a popular game fish found in the region, as well as offering some truly exceptional duck hunting.

The Mothership is 75 feet long and 25 feet wide with three levels.

Lodging is provided on the ship which features on its first level 4 double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, each provided with A/C for added comfort. The second level has a beautiful living room, dining room, and kitchen. The second level also offers a deck to relax and take in the incredible views and wildlife as you enjoy a cocktail before dinner. The upper most level has a magnificent 360 degree view, provided with comfortable lounge chairs.

  • Satellite phone, flat screen TV with films and TV, and Internet are available as well.
  • The Parana Gypsy even provides same day laundry service folded neatly and placed on your bed.
  • The mother ship accommodates up to eight anglers maximum per week.

The Benefits of a Mothership Program

One of the major benefits of a mothership program is convenience. Guests do not have to worry about transportation to and from the fishing and hunting grounds. They also have the advantage of being able to fish and hunt in different locations without having to move their accommodation.

Duck Hunting Argentina

Waterfowl Hunting in Argentina

This area of Northern Argentina offers the finest wing shooting with daily bag limits of 25 ducks!

You will have the opportunity to harvest 12 different species of ducks during your stay. Hunting is done from many different preset blind locations. Guides call ducks in for you and have well trained dogs for retrieval.

Duck species you can hunt on this Argentina Cast and Blast Trip:

  • Siriri pampa (white faced whistling duck)
  • Picazo (Rosy billed Pochard)
  • Capuchino (Silver teal)
  • Maicero (Yellow Billed pintail)
  • Colorado (Cinnamon teal)
  • De Collar (Ringed teal)
  • Brasilero (Brazilian teal)
  • Creston (Crested duck)
  • Plus many more…

Golden Dorado FIshing in Argentina

Fishing in Argentina

Golden Dorado

Golden dorado is a predatory fish found in the rivers of Argentina. The fish is known for its strength and fighting spirit, making it a popular target for anglers. This great trip offers guests the opportunity to fish for golden dorado in the Paraná River, one of the largest rivers in South America.

Fishing can be done with either fly or spin gear and is mostly done from the Carolina skiffs set up for fishing. The target species is Golden Dorado. If you are an experienced angler you can expect to catch 10-15 dorado per day with chances at more. Fish are in the 3-7 pound range with fish up to and exceeding 10 pound an everyday occurrence. Remember golden dorado have incredibly hard mouth and a solid hook set is required to keep them pinned.

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