Paraná River

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The Paraná River

Paraná River, Portuguese Rio Paraná, Spanish Río Paraná, river of South America, the second longest after the Amazon, rising on the plateau of southeast-central Brazil and flowing generally south to the point where, after a course of 3,032 miles, it joins the Uruguay River to form the extensive Río de la Plata estuary of the Atlantic Ocean.

Fishing the Paraná River

Between January and October, the Paraná River becomes a mandatory destination for anglers of the golden dorado. The dorado fishing is generally done on stream like channels that run through the delta formed by this giant river.

Waterfowl Hunting the Paraná River

The braided wetland referred to as the Parana River Delta is loaded with water channels, ponds, islands with forests and grasses and even floating patches of blooming Hyacinth. It’s a 100% pristine, un-baited Argentina duck hunting habitat supporting literally millions of migratory and resident waterfowl. The Parana River Delta is a natural duck factory and impervious to drought.

This system is also home to rare species such as the Marsh Deer, the capybara, the Neotropical River Otter, the Pampas Cat, the jaguar, black caiman, and millions of exotic birds.