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Argentina Golden Dorado Fishing

If you have an adventurous soul, but enjoy some luxury, this Argentina Golden Dorado fishing trip is for you!

  • Luxury, vessel-based lodging.
  • Chef prepared meals.
  • New fly fishing equipment, specially designed to hold up to Golden Dorado.
  • Catch big, unpressured Golden Dorado in remote waters.
  • Other species include: pacu, pira pita, tararira, surubi, chafalote and more…
  • Year round fishing season with December to April being the best times.


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When you go to Argentina golden dorado fishing, you’re in for a treat! On this trip you’ll be fishing new water every day from a world-class, fully upgraded live-aboard, adapted to the modern angler looking to find comfort, while accessing the most exclusive and off the beaten paths of other boats and anglers.

This amazing Argentina Golden Dorado Fishing Program features all the ingredients to make a Trip of a Lifetime.

Outdoors International Premier OutfitterYou and your guide will spend your days working different locations and various runs, lagoons, side channels, etc. The targets are hard fighting golden Dorado, as well as other fantastic game fish in the huge upper delta of the Paraná River system. In our opinion, this is among the best freshwater fishing destinations in the world.

Don’t worry about the Travel. Even though it’s remote, the travel is easy.

Another important characteristic of our program is the short distance from Buenos Aires City and Rosario City. If you are in Rosario, you can get to the Marina in 45 minutes. And, if you are coming from Buenos Aires, the Marina is only 2.5 hours away!

Argentina Golden Dorado Fishing

The ONLY Mothership Program in all of Argentina.

A unique golden dorado fly fishing excursion, where you’ll be fly fishing from a luxury, mobile “Mother Ship” instead of a fixed lodge. This means you can get to places that no other anglers are able to. Well presented flies and casts of 30-50 feet will have you in the fierce action all day. Welcome to the Golden Dorado River Cruiser, the one and only mother ship fishing program in all Argentina.

Mobility is Key to Amazing Fishing

  • The Mothership allows you to be nimble. Move with the fish to the most remote, unpressured waters.
  • The “lodge” is a comfortable, two engine River Cruiser with 4 double bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom and air conditioning.
  • Amenities include a telephone, flat screen TV with movies and television service, and even Internet!
  • Meals are chef-prepared and matched with local Argentina wine, personally selected by the owners.
  • Move to a new location every day to experience all that the mighty Paraná River has to offer.
Argentina golden dorado fishingo n the Paraná River. Throw big flies at aggressive fish!
If you like targeting aggressive carnivorous fish you better put the Golden Dorado on your list!

You’ll be targeting Golden Dorado on the Paraná River in Argentina

Flowing from its source in southern Brazil into Argentina, the Paraná River is the second largest river system in South America, after the Amazon. The Parana River Delta is one of the largest in the world with hundreds of tributaries, marshlands, lagoons and side channels. It is full of fantastic flora and fauna, making this Argentina golden dorado fishing trip one of the most exciting adventures in South America.

Fishing is done from brand new boats, specially designed for fly fishing.

The boats are equipped with two casting platforms that allows two anglers to comfortably cast at the same time. They also have trolling motors that are run by the guide.

Argentina Golden Dorado Fishing
Does it get any better?

What makes the Argentina Golden Dorado fishing on the Paraná River so great is the large migratory runs of baitfish.

Golden Dorado are voracious feeders and are always on the move, hunting baitfish. Sábalo, pejerrey and sardines which are the main food source for the Golden Dorado.

If you are an experienced angler you can expect to catch 10-15 dorado per day with chances at more. Fish are in the 3-7 pound range with fish up to and exceeding 10 pound an everyday occurrence. Remember, golden dorado have incredibly hard mouth and a solid hook set is required to keep them pinned.

Other fish species on the Paraná River system are:

  • Pacu
  • Pira Pita
  • Palometa
  • Tararira (Wolf Fish)
  • Surubi (large catfish)
  • Chafalote (Parana Payara)

If you like throwing streamers and big flies to aggressive fish this Argentina golden dorado fishing trip is a must!

Their aggressive nature and acrobatic displays mixed with their one of a kind golden color lists it as one of the top freshwater game fish to pursue! Combine the fishing with world class lodging  and you have a must do angling adventure!

Do you have an adventurous soul, but enjoy some luxury?

If the answer is yes, this Argentina Golden Dorado fishing trip is for you! Contact us today to book or for more details.

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3 reviews for Argentina Golden Dorado Fishing

  1. Patrick Kissel

    Bring plenty of flies!

    With the mothership being mobile no matter when you show up to fish you can expect the boat to be parked close to good fishing!

  2. Jay Dawson

    The Argentina fishing trip was fantastic! First time fishing for Golden Dorado and I will definitely go again. Staying on the boat was very cool, great staff, great food and great guides.

  3. Brett Callaway

    If you like throwing big flies at aggressive fish, this is as good as it gets. Three of the four days we fished in excess of 10 hours with action from the beginning of the day until the end. They pack a nice lunch for the days on the River – the food is all delicious and plentiful. One of the days we decided on a half day of fishing and had lunch at the mothership, which was an incredible full-service spread that you would find in a high-end restaurant.

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There's a reason I keep booking this steelhead fishing trip!
Second time I’ve done this particular trip. The steelhead run was awesome! The food was even better than the first time, which is hard to imagine, and our guide is the best there is! If catching big fish is your thing I highly recommend booking through Outdoors International.
Ernie Sorenson
Mark Stasz with a great dorado.
We had an incredible time fishing in Mexico. We've already booked our next trip and can't wait to go back!
Mark Stasz
Greg Pope with a Strobel Lake rainbow trout.

I expected big trout on this trip based on all the stories I've read over the years, and I was not disappointed! I broke my own personal best rainbow trout record at least SIX times on this trip, with the biggest being a 16 pound beauty.

I will be going again soon!

Greg Pope