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Dan Koshiyama: DIY Kodiak Island Hunt Report

TRIP: DIY Sitka Blacktail Boat Hunt CONSULTANT: Kyle Hanson, Outdoors International DATE: October 22-28, 2023 [...]

Four Highly Rated, Affordable Trips You’ve Probably Overlooked

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High Volume Wingshooting

High volume wingshooting is a breathtakingly stimulating and arduous activity that requires diligent practice, unwavering [...]

Argentina Wingshooting Destinations: A Bird Hunter’s Paradise

Are you a passionate hunter looking for a new adventure? Look no further than Argentina, [...]

Bird Hunting in Wyoming: A Guide to the Wild West’s Best Hunting Grounds

Wyoming is a land of endless plains, majestic mountains, and abundant wildlife. It’s no wonder [...]

Scotland Hunt Report by Raymond Sarinelli

HUNTER: Raymond Sarinelli TRIP TAKEN: Scotland Red Stag, Roe deer, Pheasant and Duck Hunt CONSULTANT: [...]

Bird Hunting in Kansas: A Complete Guide for Hunting Enthusiasts

Whether you’re a bird hunter or like to hunt big game, Kansas offers some of [...]

Bird Hunting in Missouri: A Comprehensive Guide

Best known for whitetail deer and wild turkey hunting, there is plenty of other hunting [...]

Top 5 Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunting Destinations

Thousands of “honkers” fill the sky with long V-formations; snow geese cover fields like freshly [...]