Bird Hunting in Mexico

Bird hunting in Mexico

Bird hunting in Mexico is like dialing back the glory days of wingshooting here in the States. If you grew up hunting birds, you’ll love these trips!

Why we think you should consider bird hunting in Mexico:

  • Prime shooting is just a few hours south of the border.
  • Doves, quail, ducks, and even pheasants are plentiful.
  • The bag limits are generous. In some areas the shooting can even rival the dove hunting in Argentina.
  • Our Haciendas are great places to take a large group or host a corporate trip.

When to go bird hunting in Mexico:

  • White Wing Dove: Early August through late of October
  • Mourning Dove: Early August through late February
  • Bobwhite Quail:  Early November through late February
  • Waterfowl: Early November through late February

Ready to go bird hunting in Mexico? Let us customize a hunt for your group!

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