This is Texas dove hunting as it should be.

This is a fun, quick dove hunt over a weekend, with lodging, food and two days of unforgettable Texas dove hunting. They even throw in a sporting clays shoot for you.

  • Two half-day dove hunts with two nights of lodging.
  • Texas dove season is September 1, through October 15.
  • Hunt native sunflower fields in Brown and Coleman counties.
  • Hund different fields every day – Two evening dove hunts, shells provided (12,16 & 20 gauge), along with water, gatorade and camp stools with an insulated compartment for cold drinks and an ammunition box that holds three to four boxes of shells.
  • Staff will supply additional shells and cold drinks as needed at the field location.
  • Morning are spent shooting at the sporting clays range.
  • Your guide will clean the birds and package them in a cooler for the trip home.
  • Special, or private hunts can be arranged between the regular weekend hunts. A minimum of 25 hunters is required.


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Experience the Best Dove Hunting in Texas

Looking for an unforgettable wingshooting experience? Look no further than this Texas dove hunting package. Our expert guides offer a great shoot hunt in some of the best dove hunting locations in Texas. With decades of experience, we know the ins and outs of a successful dove hunt.

Be prepared for two evening dove hunts over native sunflower fields located in central Texas. Eat some of the finest meals you will be talking about for weeks to come. Enjoy visiting with other hunters from all over while watching the games on the big screen or playing cards or domino’s while enjoying cocktails at the bar.

Dove hunting in Texas

All-Inclusive Dove Hunting Package

We want to make your trip as hassle-free as possible. That’s why we offer an all-inclusive Texas dove hunting package. From lodging and meals to transportation and bird cleaning, we’ve got you covered. We provide all the necessary gear, including shotguns, ammunition, and safety equipment, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our goal is to ensure that you have an incredible dove hunting experience, and we take care of all the details so you can focus on the hunt.

Once you arrive at the field clients are placed in a trailer to be taken around the field to be placed in a predetermined spot to give the clients the best possible opportunity to harvest doves. They will be checked on by the guides throughout the afternoon hunt and provided with drinks and shells as needed. After the hunt they will be picked back up in the trailer and taken back to camp to check in their birds and travel back to the lodge.

Affordable Texas Dove Hunting Adventure

Unbeatable Value for Your Dove Hunting Adventure

When it comes to Texas dove hunting, this outfitter offers the best value around. We provide a top-notch hunting experience with expert guides, quality equipment, and prime hunting locations, all at an affordable price. Plus, our all-inclusive package means that you won’t have to pay for any extras once you arrive. With this trip, you’ll get a once-in-a-lifetime dove hunting adventure without breaking the bank.

Unforgettable Dove Hunting in Texas

Based on your budget, you can either stay in the Dormitory, or the Hunting Lodge.

  • Dorm style lodging is for up to 6 people with multiple showers provided.
  • Leadership Lodge style is for 2 people more like a hotel setting.
  • All linens and towels are provided.
  • There is WiFi, big screen tv, cards, poker chips, dominoes, and trails for walking, hiking or running.
  • Located on a lake that has some of the best fishing in the area.
  • Meals are included.

Dove hunting in Texas

Typical Itinerary for Dove Hunting Texas

You’ll check in around 11:00 to fill out paperwork and get your room assignments before they sit down for lunch. After lunch you can relax before traveling to the field for their afternoon dove hunt. After the hunt and checking in their birds to be cleaned, you can travel back to the lodge for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres before supper.

The next morning starts off with breakfast at 8:00. Then to the sporting clays range by 9:00 to compete for prizes. Following the shooting range we will have lunch and another afternoon dove hunt in a different field. After the hunt and checking in the birds, help yourself to some shrimp in the field before traveling back to the lodge for cocktails and supper.

On the third morning a light breakfast is served at 7:00 am. Pick up your packaged birds for your travel home.

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