Be Bold and Check Off the Bucket List – Preparing for a Guided Hunt

australia water buffalo hunt

How many times have you told yourself, Next year we will go on that vacation or when the kids are grown, or the best when I retire I will have all the time and money in the world.  And just like last year, this year came and went and you didn’t pull the trigger on a dream critter.  For most of us we still go hunting but we don’t really ever get to “THE BUCKET LIST”.

You just blew out the lantern in your tent and there you are, checking a dream off of your bucket list…

Laying on a rented cot, in a rented tent, in the middle of the Alaska wilderness. If you listen close you can hear your buddy snoring in the tent next to yours.

You’ve been traveling for two days straight and you know you’re not going to be able to sleep tonight because of the excitement of opening morning of your hunt.  The nerves are at an all time high as you try to relax and require your body to sleep.

Years of planning and the last two months of packing and unpacking your gear have brought you to Alaska and this moment. You’re one of the lucky few who chose to live your dream. So many of us don’t. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

What hunt is on your bucket list?

As full time hunting consultants, we talk to hundreds of people a week that have a bucket list they will never complete.  Not because it is too long or the critters they are looking to chase are too great, or even the cost associated with the hunt is too high.

Backcountry hunting

The number one reason people don’t fulfill their dreams is their inability to plan ahead.

With some of our hunts starting at as little under $5,000, the only reason you have for not checking the box on that bucket list is planning.  These hunts are still available for this hunting season… Be bold, challenge your own story, and Own your own Happiness. 

Our float hunts add an additional level of adventure and allow for for flexibility to hunt along 40 miles of pristine river
Our float hunts are inexpensive and add an additional level of adventure and allow for for flexibility to hunt along 40 miles of pristine river

Are you interesting in booking your dream hunt?

OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL can help you plan the hunting or fishing trip of a lifetime, but you have to take the first step and decide you actually want it to happen, give us a call and we will personally walk you thru every step of the hunt planning process.  Our service is free and we’ve done all the homework for you.

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Here are some hunts you might be interested in:

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