Dall Sheep Hunt Report by Jon Roth

Jon Roth with his alaska ram

Hunter: John Roth
Date: August, 2015
Trip Taken: Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt

With August 10th being the sheep hunt opener, we flew into our area on the 8th and legged it up the mountain around 10 miles on the ninth. With an all day pack in front of us with a guide, a packer and all of our gear on our backs, the mountain became an extreme challenge. Arriving near the top of the mountain we decided not to crest until the morning of the opener allowing us to set up our first camp on the mountain. The rain and fog soon set in and drove us to cover in our tents. Upon waking in the morning to only find rain, snow and of course more fog for the next 8 hours! Having the right gear for a hunt in Alaska is critical!

Around 4 pm that evening, we caught a break and peaked into the farthest drainage to the North that we would be hunting spotting two rams instantly across the canyon. At this point we were 700 yards out with 20-25 mph cross wind and 25% angle down. We quickly moved down some talus chutes and back onto the ridge as the sheep continued to feed. This allowed us to cut the distance to 500 yards with the same elements at hand and snow flurries on the way.

Within seconds of being ready to take the shot, the sheep began working there way on a quartering angle to us closing the distance to 300 plus yards, with the G7 correcting it to a 275 yard shot. With the largest of the two rams standing broadside, the 7LRM broke the silence laying the monarch to rest. My Alaska dall ram has 14″ bases, 37 1/2″ & 36″ curls, pushing 160 inches. My sheep addiction has begun…Desert sheep are next!

My hunt booked in Alaska with Outdoors International was exceptional!

The outfitter runs a first class operation West of Anchorage near a town called Sleetmute. Outdoors International suggested this Alaska Dall sheep hunt to me a couple of years ago, and I’m glad I jumped on the chance.

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