Spanish Ibex Grand Slam

The Spanish Ibex Grand Slam

The Spanish Ibex Grand Slam Take all four subspecies of ibex that our found in Spain in one hunt. The achievement of the Spanish Ibex Grand Slam holds global acclaim as a coveted prize among mountain hunters around the world. It presents an unparalleled opportunity to gather all four distinct subspecies of Spanish Ibex in […]

The pinnacle of New Zealand Big Game is the regal red deer.

New Zealand Big Game – What can you hunt in New Zealand?

What can you hunt in New Zealand?… Well, let’s break it down. New Zealand Big Game Animals Starting in the mid-19th century, European settlers introduced their most beloved big game animals to New Zealand. With ideal natural habitats and a lack of natural predators, the red stag and other New Zealand big game populations thrived […]

Chris Springmeyer with his BC moutain goat

BC Mountain Goat Hunt Report by Chris Springmeyer

HUNT REPORT Hunter: Chris Springmeyer Date: Sept 9th-21st 2022 Trip Taken: British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunt Consultant: Gary Colbath, Outdoors International The trip was challenging, beautiful, exciting and pretty much everything I’d thought/hoped a mountain goat hunt would be. Hope my son can try it in a couple of years. OUTFITTER EVALUATION How would you […]

Asian 8 Award

Asia 8 SCI Continental Award

Required 8 species taken from their native habitat. Rifle & Bow requirements are the same. 

Mountain Goat Hunting Gear List

Mountain Goat Hunting Gear List

If you stick to this mountain goat hunting gear list, you’ll have everything you need on your hunt. If you’re on a guided hunt, your outfitter will provide a Satellite phone, or an Inreach for emergencies, and a first aid kit. Also, food, stove, fuel, water filters and tents will be provided on a guided hunt.