• The average ram taken on this hunt will be in the mid-50s with a very real possibility to find a ram that will break that magical 60″ mark.
  • Fall hunts take place September through Christmas.
  • Winter hunts take place early January through February.
  • If you stay for the entire duration of the hunt and do not have an opportunity at a good representative animal, you can come back during the same hunting season for a nominal amount.
  • The outfitter speaks English and also hires the same 4 local guides (2 per hunter) for all the hunters.
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Tajikistan is arguably the best place to hunt Marco Polo sheep. If you are looking for a 55 inch + Marco Polo sheep, look no further. Marco Polo hunting Tajikistan consistently produces the biggest rams in the world year after year! These remarkable creatures, a subspecies of the majestic argali sheep, bear the name of the legendary traveler, Marco Polo. Their habitat graces the mountainous realms of Central Asia. The average ram taken on this hunt will be in the mid-50s with a very real possibility to find a ram that will break that magical 60 inch mark.

Marco Polo Hunting Tajikistan

We’ll help you book your Marco Polo hunt with a North American Outfitter.

Our Marco Polo hunting Tajikistan outfitter is a North American who works with local guides, assistants, cooks, vehicles, horses, camps, food, lodging and interpreter (one per camp). This outfitter works directly with the same local outfit and guides year in and year out and spends two to three months every year on the ground in mid-Asia evaluating hunting areas, trophy quality, guides, and scouting for trophy animals. He is politically well connected on the ground in Tajikistan and will make sure you have all the necessary licenses, tags and permits and CITES Export, where applicable and as required.

Glassing for sheep

Early Season Hunts

The early season in Tajikistan runs from September through October. On these early season hunts you will spike out to give you the best opportunity to get on trophy rams. Throughout the autumn months of September and October, temperatures in the Pamir Mountains typically fluctuate between the mid-20s and mid-40s Fahrenheit, intermittently accompanied by snowfall and freezing temperatures. In November, temperatures plunge further, with average lows settling in the mid-teens Fahrenheit.

Marco Polo Rut Hunts

The Marco Polo rut in Tajikistan runs Mid-November through December. The latter half of January also presents favorable conditions. During this time, the arrival of snow urges the sheep to descend, enhancing the prospects of glassing up a trophy ram. Although the rut subsides by then, it is common for previously unseen sheep to emerge during this period.

Late Hunts

Marco Polo hunting Tajikistan winds down with the late hunt, which runs January 1 through March 1. On the late hunts you will usually return to base camp each night as the temperatures get quite cold. Typically you will travel to and from camp by either vehicle or foot.

Tajikistan ibex hunt

Marco Polo Hunting Tajikistan can be a Mid-Asian Ibex Combo

The mid-Asian ibex, has resplendent horns, a graceful presence, and offers a captivating hunting experience. They can be added on to your Tajikistan Marco Polo hunt if we plan in advance. Should the prospect of hunting ibex as well as sheep pique your interest, please reach out to us.

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