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Marco Polo Argali Hunts

Marco Polo Argali Hunting

The Marco Polo argali (Ovis ammon polii) stands as a captivating and esteemed representative among the argali, the magnificent giant sheep of Asia. Its habitat spans Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China, but Marco Polo Sheep hunting is only legal in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. With its regal horns gracefully extending over 70 inches in length, the Marco Polo argali claims the title of the most awe-inspiring trophy of wild sheep worldwide. In the realm of central Asian hunts, we proudly work with the largest outfitter, confidently providing unparalleled hunting opportunities in this burgeoning region.

Hunt Marco Polo Argali in Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan

Immersed in the breathtaking landscapes of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, our Marco Polo sheep hunts have surpassed the cumulative offerings of most other outfitters over the past three decades. We invest substantial time and effort to ensure that our clients embark on their argali hunts in the most optimal locations, guided by the most proficient experts, regardless of the chosen country.

After extensive reconnaissance in the areas designated for Marco Polo sheep hunts, we have secured exclusive territories for our operations over the past thirty years. We strongly encourage hunters to secure their licenses well in advance, ensuring availability for their desired hunting season and preferred dates. Whether in Tajikistan or Kyrgyzstan, our commitment remains unwavering. We are delighted to arrange your hunt in either of these countries.

Importing Your Trophy

For residents of the United States, the acquisition of a federal import permit becomes mandatory. It is crucial to clarify that this requirement arises from the U.S. Endangered Species Act, unrelated to CITES regulations. Generally, Tajikistan permits 60 import slots, while Kyrgyzstan offers 20 permits. We extend our support to clients throughout the application process for these import permits, with the understanding that the hunt itself must be booked before initiating this procedure. A special license, specifically assigned to the hunter's name, must be allocated prior to the approval of the import permit application by the USFWS. These licenses are issued to outfitting companies based on designated areas. When a hunter confirms their booking, we reserve a license in their name and promptly provide the relevant information to the USFWS.

Combo Your Marco Polo Hunt with an Ibex

In the same regions where we hunt Marco Polo sheep, the Mid-Asian ibex, the largest among all ibex, thrives abundantly. Many of our clients opt to pursue ibex hunting after a successful sheep hunt, as it usually eliminates the need for camp relocation. While ibex hunting poses its challenges, it undoubtedly rewards hunters with an equally fulfilling experience. For those with ample time at their disposal, Tajikistan also presents opportunities for Afghan urial sheep hunting and pursuing other game.

Hunting Mid-Asia

Central Asia's hunting expeditions demand a spirit of adventure and are not tailored for individuals seeking luxurious pampering. Nevertheless, we strive to accommodate all requests to the best of our abilities. Traveling in Asia has become increasingly convenient, while the likelihood of a successful hunt has never been higher. As an enchanting destination for adventurous sportsmen in search of remarkable trophies, central Asia beckons with its allure.

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My hunt was absolutely top notch.

The outfitter is a fantastic man and incredibly hard working and knowledgeable, there is no doubt he will do everything within his power to make peoples hunts successful and enjoyable. I plan to do it again with him next year for sure.

Wade Zuver

Our hunt was excellent.

We saw bucks every day along with all other sorts of wildlife. Mountain goats, bears, and foxes were common sights. Fishing and crabbing was special bonus. The food was excellent, the crew was amazing. Outdoors International did a great job of finding exactly what we were looking for.

Jesse Neveau

What an amazing experience!

The hunting lodge was out of this world!, Rooms, food and the scenery were all A+. Our guide was exceptional and had us on Shiras moose all five days. We saw over 30 total with at least 10 bulls. They had a plan for everything including taxidermy and game processing.

Kayla Redmon