Kyrgyzstan Ibex Hunt

A Kyrgyzstan ibex hunt is very safe, one of the most memorable hunts you ever go on, and one of the best values in the hunting world. It is a friendly country to hunt and the U.S. military has been operating from there for some time. This is a mountain hunt in every sense of the word. You will travel to and from camp on horseback. These little horses are very tough, and travel some of the most rugged mountains found any place in the world with ease.

  • You’ll be hunting the Mid-Asian ibex subspecies.
  • Ibex hunting in Kyrgyzstan is very good as there is a healthy population of them, and our hunters enjoy tremendous success and great trophy quality.
  • Hunting season in Kyrgyzstan is August through November.
  • These are 5 to 7 day hunts, plus travel time.
  • Once you arrive in camp, all travel will be by horseback or on foot.
  • Communication isn’t that difficult. There will be an interpreter in camp, and all hunting camps have satellite phones and portable radios.
  • Add a 2nd ibex for a trophy fee. In some cases extra 1-2 hunting days must be added to harvest the second animal.
  • Wolves are also available on a trophy fee basis.
  • This outfitter also offers some outstanding Marco Polo sheep hunting, but they are not available as a combo hunt without some major planning prior to your hunt.
kyrgyzstan ibex hunt
Kyrgyzstan Ibex Hunt